An Indian Legend About The Creation Of Man And Woman


When he had finished creating the man, the Creator realized that he had used up all concrete elements. There was nothing solid, nothing compact  or hard left over to create the woman.
After thinking for a long time, the Creator took the roundness of the moon, the flexibility of a clinging vine and the trembling of grass, the slenderness of a reed and the blossoming of flowers, the lightness of leaves and the serenity of the rays of sunshine, the tears of clouds and the instability of the wind, the fearfulness of a rabbit and the vanity of a Peacock, the softness of a bird’s breast and the hardness of a diamond, the sweetness of honey and the cruelty of a tiger, the burning of fire and the coldness of snow, the talkativeness of a magpie and the singing  of a nightingale, the falseness of a crane and the faithfulness of a mother Lion.
Mixing all these non-solid elements together, the Creator created the woman and gave her to the man. After one week the man came back and said:
“Lord, the creature that you have given to me makes my life unhappy. She talks without ceasing and torments me intolerably, so that I have no rest. She insists that I pay attention to her all the time and so my hours are wasted. She cries about every little thing and leads an idle life. I have come to give her back to you, because I can’t live with her.”
The Creator said: “All right”. And he took her back.
After a week had passed, the man came back to the Creator and said:
“Lord, my life is so empty since I gave that creature back to you. I always think of her– how she danced and sang, how she looked at me out of the corner of her eye, how she chatted with me and then snuggled close to me. She was so beautiful to look at and so soft to touch. I liked so much to hear her laugh. Please give her back to me “.
The Creator said: “All right”. And he gave her back.
But three days later , the man came back again and said:
“Lord, I don’t know — I just can’t explain it, but after all my experience with  this creature, I’ve come to the conclusion that she causes me more trouble than pleasure. I pray thee, take her back again! I can’t  live with her!”
The Creator replied: “You can’t live without her either!”

worried man
And he turned his back to the man and continued his work. The man said in desperation:
“What shall I do? I can’t live with her and I can’t live without her!”

Excerpts from the book titled LOVE IS A FEELING TO BE LEARNED written by Walter Trobisch


Overcoming Lust And Unhealthy Sexual Desires

Temptation is a common human experience and it comes in various forms. It is the enticement to do something we ought not to do. The persuasion often comes from the evil desire of the sinful nature in humankind which is often in war with the Holy Spirit. Of all the various forms of temptations, I think the biggest giant that overshadows a Christian’s life is lust and unhealthy and unrestrained sexual desires.

Any man or woman who claims that he/she had never had a lustful or unhealthy desire towards another human is a big lier. Desire is one of the God-given aspects of a human’s personality and life itself would be quite dull without it. But when we become slaves to desire that’s when we have a problem.

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with sexualized images in our papers, magazines and most prominently the internet. It is very easy to gain access to pornography on the internet these days. A lot of harm has been caused not just to adult relationships but also to teenagers by the easy access to internet pornography.

Although their isn’t exactly a table that shows which sin is the greatest but an unrestrained sexual desire could lead to greater sins. A very good example is King David. David’s unrestrained sexual desire for Bathsheba made him to commit murder and this also led to a great punishment by God (II Samuel Chapter 11 & 12). Sadly it’s not uncommon to hear or read about Church leaders and other prominent people in the society who have derailed not only their lives but also the lives of those around them because they allowed their unhealthy sexual desires to control them.

Our God is a merciful God and he always provides an escape route from temptation. God sometimes allows Christians to be tested in their spiritual journeys but these tests are not meant to cause them to fall into sin because God always provides a way to overcome it. Even Christ was tempted by the devil.

temptation quote

The most important thing to be careful about when facing any form of temptation is over-confidence. Self-confidence has always been the problem of man, especially amongst seemingly mature believers. No one is immune to sexual temptation or any other form of temptation. You’re not and I am also not. Even the most pious of us may not be able to resist sexual temptations.

Christians can overcome temptations through the power of the Holy Spirit but how can you do this if the Holy Spirit is not dwelling in you. Any Christian who isn’t familiar with the words of God will also find it had to resist falling into temptation. Like they always say “prayer is the masterkey”; a prayerless Christian will also find it hard to overcome temptation. To be tempted is not a sin but temptation becomes a sin when we yield to it. We must all be careful not to see ourselves as being above temptation. Pride goes before a fall.

Memento Mori (Remember you have to die).

If only everyone realise this fact, the world would be a better place.

A friend once told me about one of the former kings of his village. The king had thirty two wives and a lot of concubines. He wasn’t satisfied(I guess he wanted to get close to or even break Solomon’s record).

The king was quite shameless. He sent his guards to various houses to kidnap girls. Any parent who tries to stop them was seriously beaten.

The king was feared in the village and the neighboring ones. He had a lot of politicians as his friends because he helped them to rig elections that take place at his village. He was rich and had lots of cars and houses. He later became seriously ill and after spending millions on his health, he died. Their was much celebration at the village

A lot of people go about their day-to-day activities as if they are going to live forever. They use their superior wealth or power to oppress those that are below them.

The last part of the chorus of “Three Wooden Crosses”, a song by Randy Travis says:

“I guess its not what you take when you leave this world behind you, its what you leave behind you when you go”.

Try to live a life that’ll
be a good example for others to follow.

Death has no master and it could come for you at any time. Take a very good look at your life today. Will you be missed if you die or will their be celebration that the wicked one is finally dead.


Jesus Is Watching You

I once read about a burglar who waited for the owners of a house to go out and after a while he broke into the house through a window.

He switched on his torch because the room he broke into was dark. He looked around and saw a valuable painting. He was about to remove it from the wall when he heard a voice saying:
“Jesus is watching you”

He flashed his touch towards the direction the voice came from and he saw a parrot in a cage. He smiled and then turned back to the painting. While he was about to remove it again the parrot kept on saying:
“Jesus is watching you”.

He became annoyed and he went towards the cage where the parrot was. He saw a name tag on the cage where “Moses” was written.
“What kind of stupid people will name a parrot Moses?”, he exclaimed.
“The same type of stupid people that’ll name a dog Jesus”, replied the parrot.

The burglar was shocked and he looked back because he heard some movement. But before he could run away, the dog attacked him.

Many of us live our lifes as if we don’t have anyone that we’ll answer to later especially when we feel that we’re alone and no one is Watching us.

Just like the burglar, we skulk around in the dark doing bad things. Whatever you think might be hidden from humans is surely known by God.

Don’t forget that Jesus is Watching your every move.

Thank you, Mum

“Do not cry, my child. Your experience is in line with the experience of any child who is motherless. When a child is motherless, he knows no love. When a child is motherless, he lacks the tender hands of a mother who cares so much. His life is that of misery and sorrow. But life itself is full of hopes and there is no need to despair until destiny takes its course.”

The above quote is an excerpt from the book “When A Child Is Motherless” written by Andrew Okogba.

A lot of Women today are not fit to be called mothers. Most children with mothers could be categorized as been motherless because their mothers don’t impact their lives in any way.

It takes the collective effort of both parents to build a good home, but a mother plays a pivotal role. Most children are closer to their mothers than their fathers.

A good mother should be able to have a good relationship with her children. She must be patient and “be quick to listen, slow to speak”. This way, the children will be able to trust her and discuss any problems with her.

I love my mum and I’m grateful for all the things she’s done for me. No one can replace a good mother except God himself, who is both father and mother to us all.

Today(March 8) is International Women’s day. Pick up your phone right now and call your mum. If you’re not on good terms before, try and settle your differences. No one knows tomorrow. If you have a mother who ain’t doing her duties, commit her to God and he will take control.

Once again I want to say thank you mum and I love you. I pray you’ll live a whole lot longer so as to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

“Ese Ma”. And like the spanish will say “gracias”.

Prevention VS Cure

Why is Prevention better than Cure?

Humans are generally designed to search for cures rather than to take preventive measures. Only a few of us take preventive measures. But wait and let the deed be done, you’ll see people running helter skelter to search for a cure.

I recently read in the newspaper that Gov. Babatunde Fasola, the Governor of Lagos State prohibited smoking in public places. I was quite happy about it. Despite the fact that the Federal Ministry of Health warns that smokers are liable to die young, you still see quite a lot of people engaging in smoking.

It takes just a twenty naira note to purchase one stick of cigarette, but you could spend millions of naira to treat lung related diseases. That is, if you even live long.

The rate at which teenage pregnancy is rising this days is quite alarming. A lot of teenagers go about having unprotected sex and most of the time, the Cure they search for is Abortion. Personally, I believe that the best preventive measure to take in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies is Abstinence until you’re ready.

Think about this analogy…. you haven’t prepared well for an examination and you decide to sleep. You fail the exam and have to do it again while you get left behind by your mates. Think about how you could have prevented this from happening, if only you’d prepared well for the exam.

Therefore, it is often more beneficial from a financial and health aspect to prevent something rather than to look for the cure after the deed has been done.


A Grateful Heart

When should we give thanks?

My sunday school teacher once told a story about a man who always starts his prayer thus
“I want to thank the Lord for giving me the privilege to be able to excrete whenever I want without any stress”.

Almost everyone in my class laughed. A smile also crossed my lips.

Most of us go about our day to day activities without having a thankful heart. We blame God for whatever misfortune that happens to us. We usually forget to thank him for the little things.

We forget that there are a lot of people that can’t even walk by themselves. Our being alive is enough reason to thank the Lord. There are lots of people that have died while sleeping.

Don’t wait until you purchase that dream car or build that dream house before giving thanks to God. Give thanks to God for the little things and he’ll reward you with greater things.

There’s this popular Yoruba saying
“eni ba dupe ore ana a ri omiran gba”

this simply means that
“whosoever gives thanks for the things he’s received will surely receive new things”

Try as much as possible to have a grateful heart. Whenever you feel like you don’t feel like giving thanks to God, just pay a visit to a hospital. You’ll be surprised by how grateful you’ll be to God.