She is A Beautiful Girl

She is a beautiful girl. She can’t walk by the street without men looking at her twice; she had caused many a girl to quarrel with their boy friends. A guy in her neighbourhood once said that God used extra time when he was creating her.

A lot of men in her neighborhood tried their best to date her but she always told them she wasn’t in their league. She preferred dating the rich older men; especially the politicians who could afford to spend a lot of money to take her shopping.

Everything changed on that fateful Saturday morning. She was on her way back from one of her numerous rendezvous with her lovers when a Black Range Rover sport parked beside her and a fat, ugly and richly dressed woman stepped out of the car. After the woman had slapped the beautiful girl and bathed the beautiful girl with acid, she entered the car again and the car sped off.

A few eye-witnesses swiftly rushed the beautiful girl to the nearest hospital. The beautiful girl was discharged after she recovered but her life was never the same. The acid changed Her physical appearance and she became quite ugly. The beautiful girl became far more ugly than the fat and ugly woman who bathed her with acid.

She is a beautiful girl or should I say she was a beautiful girl.