Prevention VS Cure

Why is Prevention better than Cure?

Humans are generally designed to search for cures rather than to take preventive measures. Only a few of us take preventive measures. But wait and let the deed be done, you’ll see people running helter skelter to search for a cure.

I recently read in the newspaper that Gov. Babatunde Fasola, the Governor of Lagos State prohibited smoking in public places. I was quite happy about it. Despite the fact that the Federal Ministry of Health warns that smokers are liable to die young, you still see quite a lot of people engaging in smoking.

It takes just a twenty naira note to purchase one stick of cigarette, but you could spend millions of naira to treat lung related diseases. That is, if you even live long.

The rate at which teenage pregnancy is rising this days is quite alarming. A lot of teenagers go about having unprotected sex and most of the time, the Cure they search for is Abortion. Personally, I believe that the best preventive measure to take in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies is Abstinence until you’re ready.

Think about this analogy…. you haven’t prepared well for an examination and you decide to sleep. You fail the exam and have to do it again while you get left behind by your mates. Think about how you could have prevented this from happening, if only you’d prepared well for the exam.

Therefore, it is often more beneficial from a financial and health aspect to prevent something rather than to look for the cure after the deed has been done.