An Indian Legend About The Creation Of Man And Woman


When he had finished creating the man, the Creator realized that he had used up all concrete elements. There was nothing solid, nothing compact  or hard left over to create the woman.
After thinking for a long time, the Creator took the roundness of the moon, the flexibility of a clinging vine and the trembling of grass, the slenderness of a reed and the blossoming of flowers, the lightness of leaves and the serenity of the rays of sunshine, the tears of clouds and the instability of the wind, the fearfulness of a rabbit and the vanity of a Peacock, the softness of a bird’s breast and the hardness of a diamond, the sweetness of honey and the cruelty of a tiger, the burning of fire and the coldness of snow, the talkativeness of a magpie and the singing  of a nightingale, the falseness of a crane and the faithfulness of a mother Lion.
Mixing all these non-solid elements together, the Creator created the woman and gave her to the man. After one week the man came back and said:
“Lord, the creature that you have given to me makes my life unhappy. She talks without ceasing and torments me intolerably, so that I have no rest. She insists that I pay attention to her all the time and so my hours are wasted. She cries about every little thing and leads an idle life. I have come to give her back to you, because I can’t live with her.”
The Creator said: “All right”. And he took her back.
After a week had passed, the man came back to the Creator and said:
“Lord, my life is so empty since I gave that creature back to you. I always think of her– how she danced and sang, how she looked at me out of the corner of her eye, how she chatted with me and then snuggled close to me. She was so beautiful to look at and so soft to touch. I liked so much to hear her laugh. Please give her back to me “.
The Creator said: “All right”. And he gave her back.
But three days later , the man came back again and said:
“Lord, I don’t know — I just can’t explain it, but after all my experience with  this creature, I’ve come to the conclusion that she causes me more trouble than pleasure. I pray thee, take her back again! I can’t  live with her!”
The Creator replied: “You can’t live without her either!”

worried man
And he turned his back to the man and continued his work. The man said in desperation:
“What shall I do? I can’t live with her and I can’t live without her!”

Excerpts from the book titled LOVE IS A FEELING TO BE LEARNED written by Walter Trobisch


The Bachelor

“Your parents are lucky to have a responsible son like you”, the old man said.
“Thank you sir”, replied Ojo.

They were both sitting on a sofa in a large and well-furnished sitting room. The old man is his landlord and Ojo was at his house to pay him a visit like he always does every Sunday. Ojo was renting the bungalow behind the old man’s duplex. The old man took a sip from the goblet he was holding and he continued speaking.

“A lot of young and handsome bachelors like you living in a house alone are chronic womanizers. They bring different women home with them everyday.”

Ojo didn’t reply because he didn’t know what to say, he just smiled at the old man.

“I pray that the Lord will give you a good wife when you finally decide to get married.”
“Amen”, answered Ojo.

When the old man stood up and went to the toilet, Ojo brought out a picture of a pretty girl from his wallet and stared at it. It was the picture of the only girl he ever loved. She died about three years ago and he’s been single since then.



The Note

Grace woke up feeling a bit tired. She’d earlier woken up around 4am to prepare breakfast for her husband who was scheduled to travel for a business seminar around 6am. She went back to sleep almost immediately after her husband had left the house.

She looked at the wall clock in their bedroom and saw that it was a few minutes past the hour of nine. She immediately got out of bed and went to the bathroom. She knew she had less than thirty minutes to get ready for church if she doesn’t want to be late.

After Grace had eaten a sandwich, she went towards the place where she usually kept her car keys. She noticed an envelope placed under the car keys. She knew her husband must have left it there. He had always left such random notes where she could easily she them since when they had started dating.

Grace tore the envelope open and brought out the single piece of paper inside it. She was eager to read its content.

“Everything had to happen the way it did for me to have found you. If I had made different choices in life, I wouldn’t have found you. I don’t even want to think about how awful that would have been. I regret nothing and there will never be a reason for me to regret in the future.

“I used to wish that I hadn’t rebelled against my parents wishes for me to go to college while I was younger to study medicine. I might have turned out to be a great medical doctor but I wouldn’t have been working at that grocery store where we met on that blessed day thirty years ago today.

“I love you and I will always love you till death do us part.”

Grace didn’t realise she was crying until a drop of tears fell on the piece of paper.


What Took You So Long?

He was in love with her but he just didn’t have the courage to tell her how he felt. They’ve been friends for a while now and they usually did a lot of things together. They were even in the library right now reading in preparation for their final exams.

He hasn’t gained much from the book he was reading because his mind was on something else. She was sitting down opposite him and he stared at her whenever she was engrossed in her reading and couldn’t see him.

The main reason why he hasn’t told her how he felt was because he was afraid she might not feel the same way he felt.

He checked his wrist watch and he saw that they had to leave the library if they don’t want to be late for their last lecture of the day.

While they were on their way to the lecture hall, he suddenly stopped walking. She stopped and looked at him with raised eyebrows.
“What’s up? You forgot something at the library?”
“Nope. I have something to tell you”.
“Oh! Ok”.

He had rehearsed a few lines he was going to say several times but he was surprised by what he said when he finally spoke.

“I’m in love with you.”

His heart began pounding so loudly and he stared at her, hoping for a positive answer.

“You Moron! What took you so long? Of course I love you too.”, she replied while she punched him on his arm.


I just wish he’d Die

“I just wish he’d die. Then my life would become much fun”, she mumbled to herself.

She was staring at her husband who was eating the breakfast she’d prepared for him that morning. He was quite bossy and gets angry at the slightest provocation. But, funny enough, he’d never beaten her whenever he was in one of his moods.

She was about to head to the kitchen when her husband started coughing violently. Her heart missed a bit. She rushed to his side and gave him some water to drink and after a while the coughing stopped.

She breathed a sigh of relief and realised she still loved him.


But that’s Impossible!

“But that’s impossible”, she shouted. She disconnected the call and immediately went to where she normally keep her car keys.

While she was driving at a very high speed towards the hospital, she tried to wrap her mind around what the nurse told her on the phone.

The nurse had told her that her husband had been involved in a car accident around Lekki area and that he was currently in a critical condition at the hospital.

The reason why she told the nurse that it was impossible was because her husband had called her about one hour before she received the call that he was still in Abuja and that he won’t be back until Friday. She checked her phone to see if it was still wednesday.

She arrived at the hospital and after confirming her identity she was ushered to the ward where her husband was. The doctor told her that it will take sometime before her husband regained consciousness.

She sat by his bedside grateful to God that he was still alive. When he regained his consciousness, the first words he uttered where

“I love you. I wanted to surprise you. Happy anniversary”.

That was when she remembered that it was the day of their thirtieth wedding anniversary.


At First Sight

Tolu was very happy with the amount of people that turned up for his birthday party. But he was angry that his sister stil hasn’t arrived.

While Tolu was speaking with his Best friend he looked towards the main entrance of the hall where the party was been held and he saw his sister coming towards him. A girl he hadn’t seen before was with her. He left his friend and approached them.

Tolu was about to scold his sister for coming late but when he looked at the girl that was with her, the words he was about to say evaporated completely.

The girl had amazingly beautiful blue eyes. And when she smiled at him, he felt as if he was in heaven. Tolu was just vaguely aware of his sister saying something.