I Have A Dream

Just like the great Martin Luther King, Jr………….

I have a dream that someday, our country Nigeria will be free of corruption. The current level of corruption is just too alarming. I think its even already embedded in the DNA of most of the citizens of Nigeria.

The annoying thing is that our leaders (both the religious and political leaders), who are supposed to be our mentors are sometimes the most corrupt. You see a Pastor of a church embezzling the church’s funds and also devising different means of exploiting his members for money.

Our political leaders also award contracts that’ll be mostly to their own benefit in the long run. They receive bribes from different companies before awarding the contracts to the highest bidder. That’s one of the reasons why most of these contracts aren’t executed well.

The Law enforcement agencies are also quite corrupt. Especially the Nigerian Police Force. They setup checkpoints at strategic places but instead of doing there jobs they go about receiving bribes from commercial drivers. They could even go as far as shooting you if you refuse to bribe them.

A tree cannot make a forest. It will take the collective effort of all the citizens of Nigeria to make the country better. We should teach our kids to be honest and also lay down good examples by practising what we’re preaching.

Nigerians should also vote for the most eligible candidates and not the ones that have bribed them. Although the issue of rigging is also a thorn in the flesh.

I have a dream that Nigeria will be a country to be proud of someday.


PS; Ive been a bit busy that’s why I haven’t been posting more frequently.


Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy

David was singing along to the track playing on his stereo. He was on his way to the airport to wait for his wife’s arrival. Her flight got delayed due to adverse weather conditions.

It was around 10pm on a sunday and most of the roads were deserted. When he got to a junction and turned to a new street he saw a fairly large crowd ahead of him. He slowed down a bit and turned down the volume of his stereo.

When he got to were the crowd was, he saw that they were pointing at a man and laughing. He was about to drive past when he thought he recognised the man. He parked his car and approached the crowd. He wanted to take a closer look at the man.

David wove his way through the crowd till he got very close to the man. When he saw the man’s face, he stood on a spot with his mouth wide open in surprise.

The man was clearly drunk. He was dancing to an imaginary song because there wasn’t any music playing in that vicinity. He stopped dancing at intervals, stared at the crowd and said;
“remember the sabbath day and keep it holy”.

When David heard this, he remembered the sermon preached by his pastor earlier that day. His pastor had spoken about the ten commandments but he had laid more emphasis on the fourth one ( remember the sabbath day and keep it holy).

A short and stocky man approached David.
“Judging by your reaction, it seems you know this drunkard?”
“Yes”, David answered.
“He is well known around here. He patronizes that bar”, the short man said while pointing at a building.

David looked towards the direction of the building without saying anything.

“So, who is he?”, the short man asked.
“He was my Pastor”, David answered and he went back towards his car.


The Old Soldier

It was around 10pm. The moon was brightly shining. Chief Emeka was sitting down at the veranda in front of his house. A kerosene lamp lighted the place. A radio which was on a stool in front of him was tuned to a station that was playing a song he particularly loved. He was shaking his head in rhythm with the song.

Chief Emeka was a retired soldier. He was in his late seventies. He occasionally checked his wrist watch. He was waiting for the arrival of his grandson. His grandson had snuck out of the house, after he thought that Chief Emeka had slept.

His grandson had come to live with him about six months ago after his wife died. Chief Emeka was trying his best not to sleep off on the chair he was sitting down on.

He checked the time again and he saw that it was almost 11pm. He was thinking about the necessary punishment he could give his grandson for staying out this late.

Suddenly he heard a loud gunshot. He reduced the volume of his radio and he heard the gunshot again. It was louder this time. He ran inside his house to pick up his shotgun. He made sure it was loaded and then went outside again. He was sure it was a thief that was been shot at.

He decided to trace the direction the shot came from. He had just rounded a corner when he saw someone at a distance running towards his direction. There was a crowd behind the person and they where shouting:
“thief, stop, thief”.

He took aim with his shotgun and he fired. He was a good marksman. He was well-known in his area of residence as “old soldier”. He had helped to stop a lot of robbery attempts.

When he got close to where the crowd was already surrounding the body, they recognised him and hailed him.
“that was a good shot, old soldier”.

He saw the face of the thief and he fainted. It was the face of his grandson.


My Favorite Food

And my favorite food is……………….. drum roll……………Spaghetti and Chicken.

A friend once told me that a hungry man is an angry man. Its quite true in most cases.

Man shall not live by bread alone but I love eating a lot and I’m a big fan of home-cooked meals. I only eat junk foods if I don’t have a choice.

Although I love eating, I’m quite choosy and I don’t like experimenting. That’s why I don’t eat most of this foreign cuisines. Spaghetti is one of the few exceptions.

The first time I ate spaghetti was when I was at boarding house during my High school Days. My mum came visiting on one of the visiting days and she brought Spaghetti and Chicken.

I didn’t feel like eating it because I hadn’t eating it before. The aroma of the food was enticing though and I was quite hungry. The chicken breast on it was also tempting. I took my first bite and I must confess that I really enjoyed it. I ate a lot more than I usually do.

Its been over a decade since the first time I ate spaghetti and each time I eat it again I practically fall in love with it anew.

I can even say that I am now an expert in cooking spaghetti. I particularly Love using chicken broth to cook it. I have a desire to visit Italy someday and order for spaghetti at a restaurant there.

Jesus Is Watching You

I once read about a burglar who waited for the owners of a house to go out and after a while he broke into the house through a window.

He switched on his torch because the room he broke into was dark. He looked around and saw a valuable painting. He was about to remove it from the wall when he heard a voice saying:
“Jesus is watching you”

He flashed his touch towards the direction the voice came from and he saw a parrot in a cage. He smiled and then turned back to the painting. While he was about to remove it again the parrot kept on saying:
“Jesus is watching you”.

He became annoyed and he went towards the cage where the parrot was. He saw a name tag on the cage where “Moses” was written.
“What kind of stupid people will name a parrot Moses?”, he exclaimed.
“The same type of stupid people that’ll name a dog Jesus”, replied the parrot.

The burglar was shocked and he looked back because he heard some movement. But before he could run away, the dog attacked him.

Many of us live our lifes as if we don’t have anyone that we’ll answer to later especially when we feel that we’re alone and no one is Watching us.

Just like the burglar, we skulk around in the dark doing bad things. Whatever you think might be hidden from humans is surely known by God.

Don’t forget that Jesus is Watching your every move.

Movies I wish were out already

The following is a list of five movies I’m itching to watch this year

1. X-Men: Days of Future Past(2014)
The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants.

2. The Amazing Spider-Man 2(2014)
Peter Parker runs the gauntlet as the mysterious company Oscorp sends up a slew of supervillains against him, impacting on his life.

3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier(2014)
Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and battles a new threat from old history: the Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier.

4.Avengers: Age of Ultron(2015)
The Avengers reassemble to battle the sentient robot known as Ultron.

5. The Legend of Hercules(2014)
The origin story of the mythical Greek hero. Betrayed by his stepfather, the King, and exiled and sold into slavery because of a forbidden love, Hercules must use his formidable powers to fight his way back to his rightful kingdom.

The previews were gotten from http://imdb.com