Memento Mori (Remember you have to die).

If only everyone realise this fact, the world would be a better place.

A friend once told me about one of the former kings of his village. The king had thirty two wives and a lot of concubines. He wasn’t satisfied(I guess he wanted to get close to or even break Solomon’s record).

The king was quite shameless. He sent his guards to various houses to kidnap girls. Any parent who tries to stop them was seriously beaten.

The king was feared in the village and the neighboring ones. He had a lot of politicians as his friends because he helped them to rig elections that take place at his village. He was rich and had lots of cars and houses. He later became seriously ill and after spending millions on his health, he died. Their was much celebration at the village

A lot of people go about their day-to-day activities as if they are going to live forever. They use their superior wealth or power to oppress those that are below them.

The last part of the chorus of “Three Wooden Crosses”, a song by Randy Travis says:

“I guess its not what you take when you leave this world behind you, its what you leave behind you when you go”.

Try to live a life that’ll
be a good example for others to follow.

Death has no master and it could come for you at any time. Take a very good look at your life today. Will you be missed if you die or will their be celebration that the wicked one is finally dead.



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