Thank you, Mum

“Do not cry, my child. Your experience is in line with the experience of any child who is motherless. When a child is motherless, he knows no love. When a child is motherless, he lacks the tender hands of a mother who cares so much. His life is that of misery and sorrow. But life itself is full of hopes and there is no need to despair until destiny takes its course.”

The above quote is an excerpt from the book “When A Child Is Motherless” written by Andrew Okogba.

A lot of Women today are not fit to be called mothers. Most children with mothers could be categorized as been motherless because their mothers don’t impact their lives in any way.

It takes the collective effort of both parents to build a good home, but a mother plays a pivotal role. Most children are closer to their mothers than their fathers.

A good mother should be able to have a good relationship with her children. She must be patient and “be quick to listen, slow to speak”. This way, the children will be able to trust her and discuss any problems with her.

I love my mum and I’m grateful for all the things she’s done for me. No one can replace a good mother except God himself, who is both father and mother to us all.

Today(March 8) is International Women’s day. Pick up your phone right now and call your mum. If you’re not on good terms before, try and settle your differences. No one knows tomorrow. If you have a mother who ain’t doing her duties, commit her to God and he will take control.

Once again I want to say thank you mum and I love you. I pray you’ll live a whole lot longer so as to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

“Ese Ma”. And like the spanish will say “gracias”.