New Year Eve

“Oga Best, you go follow me go church around ten this night o”, I said in Pidgin English. I was at a barber shop and my hair was been cut by Oga Best, who was a barber.

“I no go fit follow you go church o!” Oga Best replied. “You no say na season time we dey and I wan make money wela this night o.”

“Na money go kill you one day!” a customer who was waiting for his turn to barb shouted.

“Na something go kill all of us one day,” Oga Best Began, “but I go dey happy if I die on top woman.” Most of the people present at the shop started to laugh and some of them smiled politely. I just shook my head because I was used to such comments by him. I glanced at the wall clock and saw that it was about twenty minutes to ten.

“Abeg barb my hair chap chap. I no wan late for church.”

“Oga Pastor,” Oga Best said, ”na only small remain o”. Although I wasn’t a Pastor, he always referred to me as one because I have preached to him a lot of times.

After he was through with barbing my hair, Oga Best sprayed aftershave on my already shining skull and I winced a bit. He repackaged my Clipper and I left his shop for my home after I’d paid him. I got home and after a change of clothes I left for church.

I arrived church about five minutes past the hour of ten and after a brief prayer, I joined the congregation in singing praises and worshipping God. The Pastor rounded up the praises with a powerful prayer and we all sat down. It was time for testimony and most people came forward to thank God for the grace to see the last day of the year. The most captivating testimony was that of a woman who told us about her daughter who had been battling fibroid for about five years but she was finally able to give birth to twin girls two days earlier.

When the testimonies ended, we were entertained by the church drama group and the Church Choir. The pastor stepped forward and began to lead us in a powerful prayer session. At exactly midnight our pastor ended the prayer session and wished the whole congregation happy new year. I hugged my friends and we all congratulated ourselves for seeing another year.

Happy New Year

The service ended and I left the church towards home. I had walked for about three minutes when I saw a small crowd gathered beside the road. I approached the crowd and noticed that a body was laid down on the sidewalk. A boy told me  that an accident happened there just before midnight and that the crowd was waiting for an ambulance to pick up the corpse of the victim. I was about to continue going home when the street light closest to the accident scene came on and then I froze because I recognized the face of the corpse. It was Oga Best’s.


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