Man Of The People

Everyone loved him. At his numerous companies, his church and at his neighborhood. He had an aura of friendliness and confidence that affects everyone he comes in contact with. There is not even a feeling of boredom wherever he is. He was a great orator.

He did a lot of charity work. It didn’t come as a surprise when he decided to contest at the upcoming elections as a senator. The masses were predicting that it was going to be a landmass victory. There was no doubt he was going to win.

The mysterious death of his wife also made him more popular. If only they new that he killed her and financed one of the greatest cover-up of the century because she was about to reveal the source of his wealth.

He killed his business partner and took over the company.



We Regret To Inform You

It was a blistering hot Sunday afternoon. Oluwole was sitting down on a plastic chair at the veranda in front of his house. He had a gloomy look on his face.

Despite the fact that the only piece of clothing he was wearing was a boxer short, he was sweating profusely. He was blowing himself with a hand fan but it had little effect.

Oluwole wished he could go inside and put on his ceiling fan but there hasn’t been electricity supply in Oluwole’s neighborhood for over a month now. The transformer got damaged and it hasn’t been repaired yet despite several complaints.

Oluwole also wished he could afford to buy a generator, but he could barely take care of his family with the meagre income he makes from farming. He seems to be wishing for a lot of things these days.

Oluwole was the only one at home. His wife had gone to the market to buy some foodstuffs. His three kids had gone to a birthday party. Oluwole checked his wristwatch and he saw that it was about fifteen minutes to three. He went inside his house to take his radio so that he could listen to the 3 O’clock news.

He came back outside
, put on the radio and he tuned it to his favorite station. Music was blaring from the speakers but he wasn’t listening to the song. He was thinking about how he was going to pay back the large amount of debt he was owing. He was also thinking about his rent. It was long overdue.

Oluwole was listening to a news about the upcoming elections when his mobile phone rang. It wasn’t a number he was familiar with but he picked the call.

“Hi! Please am I speaking with Mr Oluwole Daniel?”
“Yes”, oluwole answered.
“I’m calling from the general Hospital at Ijeru. Your father was involved in an accident about two hours ago and he sustained serious injuries. We regret to inform you that our doctors tried their best to save him but he died about twenty minutes ago. The…………………”.

Oluwole wasn’t listening anymore because the phone had fallen from his grasp.


What Took You So Long?

He was in love with her but he just didn’t have the courage to tell her how he felt. They’ve been friends for a while now and they usually did a lot of things together. They were even in the library right now reading in preparation for their final exams.

He hasn’t gained much from the book he was reading because his mind was on something else. She was sitting down opposite him and he stared at her whenever she was engrossed in her reading and couldn’t see him.

The main reason why he hasn’t told her how he felt was because he was afraid she might not feel the same way he felt.

He checked his wrist watch and he saw that they had to leave the library if they don’t want to be late for their last lecture of the day.

While they were on their way to the lecture hall, he suddenly stopped walking. She stopped and looked at him with raised eyebrows.
“What’s up? You forgot something at the library?”
“Nope. I have something to tell you”.
“Oh! Ok”.

He had rehearsed a few lines he was going to say several times but he was surprised by what he said when he finally spoke.

“I’m in love with you.”

His heart began pounding so loudly and he stared at her, hoping for a positive answer.

“You Moron! What took you so long? Of course I love you too.”, she replied while she punched him on his arm.


268. He’d promised them hope but all they saw in him was despair

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He’d promised them hope but all they saw in him was despair. It was not what Ben Patterson had counted on when he embarked on a career as a superhero.

Brought up on a steady diet of old movie serials that showed masked vigilantes beating up bad guys, he had from a young age set himself the goal of becoming one of those heroes that protect the city. Back then, he didn’t even have a clue how much time and gold reaching that goal would take.

Now in his sixties, Ben Patterson had finally amassed the right blend of money and experience to wear the cape. He chose the moniker Silver Fox and set about righting wrongs in the dark back alleys of Magalon City. He paid reporters of the Daily Flash to write glowing articles about him and he booked himself as a guest on TV talk shows to…

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The Drunkard

Any time his friends or relatives ask him why he drinks alcohol too much, he always quotes a verse from the bible.
“Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.”

He was so addicted to alcohol that he is only sober whenever he is broke. He was always the last person to leave the beer parlour he frequented. Whenever he gets drunk, he usually sings and this made the kids in his neighborhood to like him.

He wasn’t always a drunkard. It all started after he lost his wife and two kids to a car accident. He was the one driving the car and he only suffered a mild concussion. Things started going downhill since then.

He wasn’t sacked at his place of work because his father-in-law owned the company he was working at. He always showed up for work everyday although he was drunk most of the time.

They found his lifeless body in his kitchen four days after he didn’t show up for work. The autopsy revealed that he died due to a liver problem.


Mother Of The Year

I have been a member of Pilgrim Baptist Church for almost a year now. Something occurred during my first day at the church that I’ll never forget. It happened during the time of tithes and offerings.

The whole congregation has to dance to the front of the auditorium and drop their offerings in boxes placed there. I was walking between one of the aisles (I rarely dance), when I looked towards another aisle and I saw an old woman also going to the front of the church to drop her offering also.

I’ve seen a lot of old women in my twenty-something years on earth but I couldn’t stop staring at her. Her back was completely bent and she was using an umbrella to support herself. I’m not that good at guessing people’s age but I think she ought to be over a century old. She dropped her offering and went back to the pew were she was sitting down and I must confess I didn’t stop staring at her.

In the following Sundays, I noticed that she always gets to church early. I made a promise to myself that I will always get to church before her ( I hate loosing and it would be embarrassing to be beaten by an old woman).

Sunday, eleventh of May 2014 was the day that Mother’s day was celebrated at Pilgrim Baptist Church. After a series of events, it was time to announce the mother of the year. The women leader of the church went to the pulpit and after a brief speech she said:

“Our Mother of the year 2014 is someone who doesn’t need much introduction. Her name is Mama Josephine Okocha.”

All the women in the church auditorium and 90% of the men in the church stood up and started clapping. I was curious to see who deserved such a standing ovation and I also stood up to get a better view.

When I saw that it was the old woman, I also started clapping and I was one of the last set of people to stop clapping. She really deserved such an honour and a lot of people showered her with gifts and money.

A lot of our youths who are still very young ain’t vibrant at all. Most of them come to church late and leave early. They are also usually busy IMing and updating their social networks status’ while the service is going on.

Only God knows what the future is gonna be like for these generation of youths.


Born Lucky

Nnamdi was well-known by many people. He was a huge guy of about six feet five inches. He had one of those faces you never forget. One of his more prominent physical features was an exceptionally large nose.

The reason why Nnamdi was popular is not because of his physical appearance. It also wasn’t because he was smart or jovial. As a matter of fact, he was a halfwit and he had no sense of humour whatsoever.

He was popular because he was one of those rare humans that were born lucky. Well, apart from his looks and brains obviously.

Although Nnamdi didn’t quite have the brains to play poker as well as his friends, he wins 8 out of 10 games because he almost always has the best hand. And if Nnamdi should decide to place a bet on a football team, he wins 9 out of 10 of those bets.

Nnamdi has also been involved in a lot of accidents but he almost always escapes without even sustaining any bruises. He was once scheduled to travel for an excursion with his course mates while he was still in college but he had to pull out at the last minute after he contacted a flu.

The bus got involved in an accident after a break failure and almost all his course mates that were in the bus died. The others sustained serious injuries.

When one of Nnamdi’s friends heard that Nnamdi died after he was hit on the head by a stray bullet during a shoot-out between the police and a group of armed robbers, the first thing he said was;

“I guess his luck’s finally run out”