Jesus Is Watching You

I once read about a burglar who waited for the owners of a house to go out and after a while he broke into the house through a window.

He switched on his torch because the room he broke into was dark. He looked around and saw a valuable painting. He was about to remove it from the wall when he heard a voice saying:
“Jesus is watching you”

He flashed his touch towards the direction the voice came from and he saw a parrot in a cage. He smiled and then turned back to the painting. While he was about to remove it again the parrot kept on saying:
“Jesus is watching you”.

He became annoyed and he went towards the cage where the parrot was. He saw a name tag on the cage where “Moses” was written.
“What kind of stupid people will name a parrot Moses?”, he exclaimed.
“The same type of stupid people that’ll name a dog Jesus”, replied the parrot.

The burglar was shocked and he looked back because he heard some movement. But before he could run away, the dog attacked him.

Many of us live our lifes as if we don’t have anyone that we’ll answer to later especially when we feel that we’re alone and no one is Watching us.

Just like the burglar, we skulk around in the dark doing bad things. Whatever you think might be hidden from humans is surely known by God.

Don’t forget that Jesus is Watching your every move.