“Is there a heart that music cannot melt? How is that rugged heart so forlorn!”

Music, is something I listen to everyday. I particularly love listening to music by using headsets. I don’t use headsets wherever my dad is because he will surely tell me to listen to the songs directly from the speaker of my phone.

To enjoy some songs, you’ve got to lie down on your bed in your room alone with your ear piece in your ear. Songs from artists like Don Moen, Adele, Asa, Westlife and Don Williams are best enjoyed this way. I particularly love Adele’s SET FIRE TO THE RAIN and it’s on repeat most of the time.

I love Country music a lot but my favorite genre is Rap. There are quite a lot of Rap Artists but my favorite is Eminem. I just love his style and most of his songs have great lyrics.

Nowadays, especially in Nigeria, most songs don’t have good lyrics. I don’t know why a lot of Nigerians listen to songs by Terry G. I personally don’t like his songs and I consider them as noisemaking.

Most Nigerians only listen to songs they could dance to. There are lots of great songs out there with cool lyrics that you can’t necessarily dance to. Don’t judge a song by its beats.

Music is something that inspires me and gives me the strength to overcome whatever challenges I might be going through. Whenever I get stuck while writing, music helps me to rediscover my rhythm.

If you don’t get inspired by music, maybe you’re listening to the wrong songs. Try something new today.



Left Behind

It was the last day of the third term of school. The principal had just finished addressing the students at the school hall. The students were smartly dressed in blue shorts and white shorts.

After a prayer led by one of the Chemistry Teachers, the students went back to there various classrooms.

When the students of S.S.2B arrived at there classroom, they saw a drawing on there board. It was a drawing of a school bus with people inside. Some people were however running behind the bus trying to catch up with it.

Most of the students stared at the drawing with puzzled looks on there faces. They were trying to find out who drew it and what it meant.

Sola Oladele, who was well known all over the school for his mischievous acts took credit for the drawing. He explained that the bus is transporting the students that got promoted to S.S.3. He said that the ones running after the bus are the ones that were left behind.

Almost everybody found it funny and the news spread all over the school. The other classes also drew similar drawings on there boards.

An hour later, miss Adeyemi, the class teacher of S.S.2B walked into her class to give everyone there results. After a little speech, she distributed the results and then left.

Some students were ecstatic while the look on the faces of others said it all.

Sola stared at his result. He was looking at a single word written in block letters with red ink at the bottom of the sheet.


A Grateful Heart

When should we give thanks?

My sunday school teacher once told a story about a man who always starts his prayer thus
“I want to thank the Lord for giving me the privilege to be able to excrete whenever I want without any stress”.

Almost everyone in my class laughed. A smile also crossed my lips.

Most of us go about our day to day activities without having a thankful heart. We blame God for whatever misfortune that happens to us. We usually forget to thank him for the little things.

We forget that there are a lot of people that can’t even walk by themselves. Our being alive is enough reason to thank the Lord. There are lots of people that have died while sleeping.

Don’t wait until you purchase that dream car or build that dream house before giving thanks to God. Give thanks to God for the little things and he’ll reward you with greater things.

There’s this popular Yoruba saying
“eni ba dupe ore ana a ri omiran gba”

this simply means that
“whosoever gives thanks for the things he’s received will surely receive new things”

Try as much as possible to have a grateful heart. Whenever you feel like you don’t feel like giving thanks to God, just pay a visit to a hospital. You’ll be surprised by how grateful you’ll be to God.

God works for the good of those who love him

It was a sunday morning and the congregation was listening attentively to their Minister-in-charge, pastor Abraham. He was preaching about Romans chapter 8 verse 28 which says: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose”.

This is a bible verse he loves preaching about. He encouraged his congregation to trust in God always whenever it looks like God doesn’t want to answer their prayers due to one delay or the other.

After his sermon, he announced to the church that there’ll be a surprise party at his residence by 3pm the following day to welcome his son, David, who’ll be arriving back in Nigeria from the united states. After the church service, an usher of the church known as sister Ruth asked Pastor Abraham if she could help with the serving of food & drinks at the party & he consented.

The party started at the appointed time & everyone was having a good time. Around 4Pm, Pastor Abraham informed everyone at the party that David had arrived Nigeria & was on his way home. Sis. Ruth was particularly pleased about this. About 45 minutes later, pastor Abraham announced that David was involved in a car accident and that he only sustained mild bruises.

However, he told them that the driver of the car was in a coma and has been taken to the hospital. He informed everyone that he was going to join his son at the hospital and that another party will have to be scheduled for another day.

Three days after the party, pastor Abraham was at a hospital to pray for Sis. Ruth, who was seriously ill. Sister Ruth told him that she had planned to poison his son’s food at the party and that she was sorry and that he should please forgive her.

Pastor Abraham forgave her and then she died.

Manchester United team news

Manchester United are without defenders Phil Jones and Jonny Evans for their Champions League last-16 first-leg match against Olympiakos.
Jones (hip) and Evans (calf) did not travel, while Nani is also sidelined with a hamstring injury.
Record signing Juan Mata is cup-tied after playing in the competition with Chelsea, but Rafael and Danny Welbeck are both fit after injury.

Culled from BBC SPORT. Read the full news here


“Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed…….”

Now that is a song you don’t want to listen to on a day you feel like doing exactly what it says.

Why? Read on.

It was a saturday morning and I just woke up around 9am. It was the sound of my ringtone that woke me up. I slept late because I was up almost all night trying to finish a stage of Devil May Cry 4. I later abandoned the game and then decided to see if I could finish the Rosewood mission of HITMAN ABSOLUTION. I didn’t sleep until around 3am.

Now where was I?

I answered the call and it turned out to be my service provider calling to see if I would like to subscribe to the caller tunes service. I was pissed and I immediately terminated the call. I tried going back to sleep but I couldn’t.

After reading my bible, I decided to listen to some music. I’m an individual who loves listening to a single artist’s track at a given time so I chose Bruno Mars. The first track that played was Treasure. After about three other tracks, THE LAZY SONG started playing.

I smiled to myself because it felt like Bruno Mars was reading my mind. I had planned to do my laundry and clean my room on this particular saturday.

After listening to music and browsing simultaneously for sometime, hunger finally got me out of bed. I decided to eat bread and tea cos I didn’t feel like cooking what would take a lot of effort. While I was eating I switched on my Laptop to watch some episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

I didn’t take my birth until around 5pm and it was even because I was going out to watch a Manchester United Match. I didn’t wash my clothes or clean my room. I think the only productive thing I did was that I cooked a delicious dish of “Spaghetti” *wink*.

Try not to listen to THE LAZY SONG on a day you’re feeling lazy.