An Open Letter To My Future Wife

Dear Future Wife,

I hope you’re having a great day so far? I would have loved to talk with you in person — you know that I love hearing your voice — but I guess this letter will surfice.

The rate at which couples are getting divorced these days is quite alarming. Gone are those days when you hear about couples celebrating thirty years anniversary. Although I can’t promise that we won’t disagree on some issues, I can promise that none of our future arguments will end in divorce. I’ll try my best to always make sure we settle our misunderstandings amicably.

A lot of men stop doing all the things they did to get their wives to fall in love with them once they’re married but I’ll be an exception rather than the rule. I really enjoyed the thrill of trying to get your attention and how you gave me a hard time; I enjoyed that challenge. I won’t stop proving to you that I love you. Although I can’t love you forever, I will love you till the day I die.

About the issue of infidelity, you can trust me on that. I have a very good role model; my dad. I’ll be faithful to our marriage vows by not cheating on you with another woman. You will also have to be faithful to me.

I look at some married women and just shake my head. Why? Because they look shabby and unkept. Please don’t stop dressing well and looking pretty. I won’t be jealous if men admire you when we go out together. But keep the flirting at a minimum level. I’ll also endeavour to dress well.

“The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach”. The first person who said this must have been like me. You know I love eating and I’ll be glad if you can cook delicious meals. I especially love spaghetti and amala. I will help out in the kitchen whenever I can.

If there’s anything else I want to talk to you about you’ll receive another letter from me. Bye for now.

Your Love,

P.S. — Please don’t kiss your current boyfriend but if I’m that current boyfriend…………………


Why Are You So Reticent?

A girl once asked me “why are you so reticent?”.

I just stared and smiled at her without giving her an answer. The reason why I didn’t answer is not because I wanted to be rude. I just didn’t know what to say.

I’m the kind of person who loves playing my cards close to my heart. You have to be really good friends with me before I tell you something important about me.

Another reason why I don’t reveal my feelings or thoughts easily is because I don’t like to count my chicks before they hatch. I like to be 100% sure about something before I take action on anything.

A lot of my friends have accused me of being too secretive but they tend to tell me personal issues about them because they know I’ll never reveal it to anybody else.

Maybe I just have trust issues like Eminem. *winks*


I am sorry that I’ve not written in a while. I’ve been kinda busy. Thanks

Bad Saturday

Yesterday, Friday18th April 2014 was GOOD FRIDAY. It was a day that was sacred to all christians and you could see a lot of them going to church.

Christians believe that christ died for our sins on friday and he then rose up on the third day after his death. In fact, the christian faith and testimony rests largely on the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have heard of some religious leaders who died and came back to life but they died again.

When I was a kid, I always wondered why a day that Someone as important as Christ died is known as GOOD FRIDAY. As the years went by and I began to understand the bible more, I finally understood why it was known as GOOD FRIDAY.

Christ’s death was not ordinary. He suffered and died on the cross of calvary in order to save us all. What day could be as good as that?

Today is Saturday and Christ is in the grave. I wonder how his disciples and the Christians who were alive when Christ was on earth felt on the Saturday after his death.

I think today should be known as bad saturday because Christ is dead and in the grave.


Once Upon A Monday

I woke up with a start. I looked at the time and saw that there was only fifteen minutes left to get ready to leave for work. I slept quite late because I was busy IMing with a special someone.

I quickly went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take my birth. I got dressed and there was only three minutes left. I was hungry but there was no way I could cook anything within three minutes. Breakfast, is a meal I don’t like skipping. I took my laptop bag and then left for work.

I boarded a bike so that I’ll arrive faster. I got to work ten minutes late. Surprisingly, I discovered that I was the fourth person to clock in my name.

I went to my desk to drop my bag and then went out to get something to eat. I’m not a fan of eating out. I only eat junk food when I don’t have a choice. I bought two Galas and a La Casera.

When I got back to my desk, I decided to continue working on a plan on AutoCAD. I opened my laptop bag so that I could bring out my Laptop. That was when I discovered I’d forgotten my laptop at home. The few books inside the bag were the things that made the bag feel a bit heavy.

I stared at the bag with a big smile on my face. I knew I was in for a boring day at work.

The Greatest god on Earth

There are quite a lot of gods on earth. Some of them are well known all over the world while the others are just popular in the regions where they are being served.

Most of the gods in the Greek mythology are quite popular. Zeus, I think, is the most popular. He is known as the god of the sky and the ruler of the gods of Mount Olympus.

Poseidon, another Greek god, is the god of the sea and second only to Zeus in power.

Athena, goddess of war, wisdom, industry, skill and justice. She is well loved and is credited for inventing the bridle.

Ares, god of war (at least before he was defeated by Kratos). He is known to be aggressive and unpopular among gods and humans.

In the Yoruba speaking parts of Nigeria, Ogun is the most popular god. He is the god of war. Ogun is also the god of justice.

Sango is another god that is well known in Yoruba Land. He is the god of thunder, lightning and fire.

Amadioha is the most popular god among the Igbo. He is the god of thunder and lightning. Amadioha is also the god of justice.

The above named gods have shrines and priests, who help their worshipers to conduct sacrifices periodically. Some of these gods are quite feared because of there anger.

Now, which one of them is the greatest?

None actually. Why?

Because there is a greater god than all of the above. The greatest god on earth is the STOMACH.


The STOMACH demands sacrifices daily. I don’t need to spell out the consequences if you refuse to comply. As a matter of fact, I have eaten four times already today.

The lowest sacrifice the STOMACH gets most of the time is one daily. When you’ve found a god who gets more sacrifices than the STOMACH, then that god will be the greatest on my list.