The Beer Parlour

It was around 10pm on a cold Friday night. The street was quite deserted and no human could be seen except at a very popular beer parlour. Although the beer parlour wasn’t as crowded as it usually used to be at this time of the night their was still a modest number of men and women sitting down with bottles of beer on the tables and stools before them.

The men and women were in various states of drunkenness. A pot-belied man was dancing to a song only him could hear because no music was been played. A haggard looking man kept on talking incoherently to no one in particular.

Olaitan, a twenty year old boy sat alone at a corner of the beer parlour and he observed the things going on around him while occasionally taking a swig from the bottle of beer he’d bought. Olaitan was about to finish his bottle of beer when a skinny man with a large head started talking.

“I w-w-will liiiike to speak to you alllll about J-j-jesus Christ”, the skinny man slurred.

“Shut up and finish your beer. You’re clearly drunk”, a fat and light skinned man said.

“How dare you accuse me of been a drunkard”, the skinny man said with an angry look on his face. “I’m the m-m-most sober m-man on earth”.

“Indeed!” a woman whispered to her young lover who was sitting beside her.

“Jesus C-c-c-Christ came to this w-world to die for t-t-the sins of each and every-y-y one of us”, the skinny man slurred again. “If you dieeeee t-t-today w-w-will you go to heaven? Jesus is the only one that can save y-y-y-you. Repent today and……….”.

The skinny man didn’t finish what he was saying because he slumped to the floor and he immediately started sleeping. Olaitan had been listening to every word the man was saying but after the man slept off he stood up and started heading towards home. What the skinny man said weighed heavily on his mind. Olaitan was born into a Christian home and he’d always known drinking of alcohol isn’t supported by the bible. He stopped going to church after he gained admission into the University and after sometime he started smoking and drinking alcohol.

Olaitan took out the packet of cigarette in his pocket and threw it away. He also decided that he was going to change his way of life.



It Is Quiet A Dark Night

It is quite a dark night but the street is lighted by some light bulbs.Most of the buildings in the neighborhood are long overdue for total renovations.

A ragged looking man could be seen lying on the floor in front of one of the houses.He was sound asleep and snoring deeply.

A light came on inside the house and a skinny and shabbily dressed woman opened the front door of the house and looked outside.She was a bit startled when she saw the man but she regained her composure when she saw that it was her husband whom she’d been waiting for.

She walked towards him and tried to wake him but he slept on soundly.She kicked him hard on his side but he snored more loudly.She went inside to take some water and doused his face with it but he didnt wake up.

“Alcohol is going to kill you someday”, she muttered angrily.

The woman tried to drag him inside but he was too heavy.She left him there and went inside after she’d covered him with a blanket.

A neighbor found his cold dead body very early in the morning.

The Drunkard

Any time his friends or relatives ask him why he drinks alcohol too much, he always quotes a verse from the bible.
“Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.”

He was so addicted to alcohol that he is only sober whenever he is broke. He was always the last person to leave the beer parlour he frequented. Whenever he gets drunk, he usually sings and this made the kids in his neighborhood to like him.

He wasn’t always a drunkard. It all started after he lost his wife and two kids to a car accident. He was the one driving the car and he only suffered a mild concussion. Things started going downhill since then.

He wasn’t sacked at his place of work because his father-in-law owned the company he was working at. He always showed up for work everyday although he was drunk most of the time.

They found his lifeless body in his kitchen four days after he didn’t show up for work. The autopsy revealed that he died due to a liver problem.