That’s The Burning Question!

“I thought they were happily married? What could have caused the divorce?” Sade asked her friend Bunmi.

“That’s the burning question.”

“The Reverend’s wife counseled us on marriage less than a month ago and now she’s divorced her husband,” said Sade while shaking her head.

Bunmi scooped some popcorn from a bowl using her right hand and stuffed it into her mouth.

“I was shocked when I heard also,” Bunmi answered.

“This is unbelievable. I just wish to know the reason.”

“Exercise just a little more patience and you’ll hear the full gist about the divorce from a reliable source. Deborah is on her way here” Bunmi said after she’d washed down the popcorn with a gulp of juice.

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“Deborah is their maid right?”

There was a knock on the door just as Bunmi was about to answer her friend.

“Deborah! Is that you?”


A slim but plain looking girl came into the apartment when Bunmi opened the door. The girl hugged Bunmi and greeted Sade with a nod.

Bunmi and Deborah sat down and Deborah joined the other girls in feasting on the popcorn.

“What was the reason for the divorce?” asked Sade eagerly.

“Well. They weren’t exactly loving couples anymore during this past five years that I’ve been working for them,” Deborah answered and she took a sip from the glass in her hand.

“That’s hard to believe,” began Sade, “I visited them a lot and they looked like a normal couple.”

“They lived a double life,” Deborah said. “They act as if there is nothing wrong outside but they usually quarrel a lot at home.”

“Hmmm! That’s interesting. A lot of single members of the church wished they had a marriage like our Clergy’s. I also did,” Bunmi said.

“I also did until I started to work for them. He made a lot of advances towards me.”

“Why didn’t you confide in me earlier?” Bunmi said with a disapproving look directed at Deborah.

“Would you have believed me?”

“I suppose I wouldn’t have.”

“If they’ve been able to stay married for almost twenty years, what finally
led to the divorce?”

“The Reverend’s wife caught him while he was about to rape her niece.”