It was around 2am. I’ve been tossing and turning in bed. Because you’ve been on my mind. I picked up my mobile phone and was about to speed dial your number. Old habits die hard. And then I remembered. It’s exactly a year today since you went to a better place.

The various hobbies I use to relax and get my thoughts in order didn’t work. Listening to my favourite songs just remind me of you. The words of the books I tried to read looked like gibberish. I just couldn’t concentrate. Your memory was just strong on my mind. You always found a way to cheer me up. Nothing I could do.

I got out of bed in order to see if I could continue working on my new book but I couldn’t even make a complete and meaningful sentence. It just felt as if the imaginative part of my brain was on vacation. You used to inspire me and make me laugh with your lovely voice. But that’s a thing in the past.


I stared at the clock on my desk and just wished that I could turn back the hands of time. Maybe if I went back to when you were still a big part of my life, I might be able to do things differently. The memory of the mistake I made came flooding back and I suddenly felt Melancholy. I shouldn’t have left you alone that evening because you told me to stay longer than I did. I should have spent a little more time with you instead of going out with my friends. Maybe I could have protected you. Sadly, I don’t have the power of time travelling.

My life used to be interesting but now it’s just dull and rigid. I loved the way your mind worked. You almost always saw the bright side of things. I brought out a photo album and go through all the photos inside. The memories came flooding back and I removed the very first picture of you that I snapped. You looked as beautiful to me as ever. I turned it over to look at the words which I wrote there myself and it broke my heart.

I wrote those four words because I knew it was the truth. Before I met you, there was this void in my heart. But right from the first moment I saw you, I felt complete. I’ve dated a lot of girls before then but it never developed into something more. I couldn’t explain it but when you came into my life, I suddenly felt invincible. Maybe that was why I didn’t listen to you on the day everything went downhill. The last thing I saw clearly before my sight became blurry with tears was those four words.

I’ll always love you.


Sunday The Fourteenth

It was a day Ademola won’t forget in a hurry. In fact he may never forget the day at all. He’d woken up earlier than he usually did so as to prepare breakfast for him and his wife. It was valentine’s day and it was also their marriage anniversary.

Ademola had many surprises planned for that day and the first one was to serve his wife breakfast in bed. He was about to pick up the tray of food and take it to their bedroom when he heard his wife’s footsteps coming towards the kitchen.

“Good morning dear! Happy anniversary and happy Valentine’s day,” Ademola said with an infections smile on his face.

She kissed him passionately and although she tried to help him serve the food Ademola refused. He put some water in the electric kettle and then plugged it to a socket.

Halfway through their meal he noticed that his wife was staring at him with a mischievous grin on her face.

“I know that look,” Ademola said “what are you not telling me?”

“Take a guess”

“You know I’m a lousy guesser.”

“Okay,” she said and waited a bit in order to stoke his curiosity, “I’m pregnant.”

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Ademola stood up from where he was sitting down and jumped up and down like a kid. He was so excited that he hugged his wife and kept on saying “thank you Lord”. They’ve been married for seven years without a child.

They ate the rest of their breakfast talking about the high hopes they have for the future. Ademola’s wife was about to stand up from where she ate her breakfast when she fainted and slumped to the floor. He rushed towards her and tried to revive her but all his efforts where futile.A neighbour who heard his frantic shout for help assisted him in rushing her to the hospital. The doctor pronounced her dead on arrival.

Ademola was seated among his friends and relatives who were trying their best to console him when his phone rang. It was one of his neighbours calling.

” Hello”

“Mr Ademola! You have to come home as fast as you can because your house is on fire.”

Happy Birthday Dear!

“Happy birthday dear!”
I opened my eyes and stared directly at the lovely eyes of the only girl I’ve ever loved. She smiled at me and I fell in love with her all over again. I got out of bed and kissed her and although I didn’t want to stop she broke the kiss.
“You’ll be late for work”.
“Today’s my birthday and I’m the boss,” I said and wrapped my arms around her. “Let’s stay indoors all day. I promise that you’ll enjoy every second of it.”
“That’s sounds tempting but didn’t you say that you have to meet a client by 9am?”
“Yeah! That’s right my love. Totally forgot about that. I wonder what charm you used on me because once I see your lovely face I usually don’t think clearly,” I said with a mischievous grin planted on my face.

She blushed, got out of my hands and left my room without replying. I showered, brushed my teeth and got dressed faster than I usually do. The aroma filling the air made me realize how hungry I was and I immediately went to the dining room and sat down on my favorite chair.
I unwrapped the birthday gift she left for me on the table. It was a gold plated customized wrist watch with my name on it. She served my breakfast while I was admiring the wrist watch.

“Thanks for the watch love”

“You’re welcome dear. Eat your breakfast before it gets cold”

I was about to take my first bite of the meal when I heard a loud and shrill sound. It was the sound of my phone alarm.


September Four

Once upon a September on precisely the fourth day around 7AM, at the General Hospital Bauchi, Bauchi state, a tall black boy – although he wasn’t tall yet – was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Olaniyi Oke. They named him ADEWUYI OLATUNDE AYOBAMI ISHOLA.

bday 2

Every year since then on September 4, Adewuyi celebrates his birthday. Adewuyi could really use a wish before the day ends.



We Have To Uphold The Law!

“Please officer! He is just a boy,” Olamide’s mother pleaded with the policeman. She was crying and she held on firmly to her son.

We have to uphold the law!” the policeman shouted impatiently. He came up with a handcuff and clasped it round Olamide’s wrists. A small crowd had gathered at the scene and some women were whispering and gossiping in excited voices. The press were having a nice day and they were taking several snapshots.

The policeman and his three colleagues forcefully pried Olamide from his mother’s grip and bundled him into their van popularly known as ‘Black Maria’. Some women held firmly to Olamide’s mother because she was ready to throw herself at the van. The policemen drove off trailed by the loud wailing of Olamide’s mother. The policemen were talking about the forthcoming presidential election and who was likely to be the winner but Olamide wasn’t listening. His mind was far away; he was thinking about the reason why he’d been arrested and what the future holds for him.

He was an only child and as far back as he could remember his parents had always lived together peacefully. Everything changed when his father lost his job about two years prior to Olamide’s arrest. His father suddenly became irritable and he also became a chronic alcoholic. His father started to beat his mother at the slightest provocation. Olamide’s mother tried her best to hide the bruises from friends and family; she always found one excuse or the other.

Olamide had just finished taking his bath when he heard his mother’s loud and piercing screams. He hurriedly got dressed and rushed out of the bathroom to see what was wrong. He got to his parents room and he saw his father trying his best to strangle his mother with his bare hands. Olamide tried to help his mother but his father was far stronger than him.

A next door neighbour was the one who collected a knife which was dripping red with blood from Olamide’s grasp. Olamide hadn’t realized that he was stabbing his father repeatedly until the neighbor collected the knife from him.






Daily Ritual

Mary woke up and did the first thing she always did, the thing she loved most: she checked her phone.

There wasn’t any new message. She checked again to make sure. Her heart sank and she felt hollow.

It has become something of a daily ritual for Mary to read good morning text messages sent by her friend Tobi.

She met Tobi at the University Library about two years ago and they’ve been good friends since then. Their love for reading brought them together.

While Mary was brushing her teeth she remembered that Tobi had been absent-minded while she was teaching him some arithmetic the previous day. She also sensed that he wanted to tell her something. Tobi doesn’t speak much; he expresses himself more in writing.

A message came in while she was getting dressed and when she saw that it was from Tobi she became excited. She opened the text and started reading.

“Life would be so much easier if we could snap our fingers and get whatever we want. If only I’d seen it coming, I might have braced myself for the impact. But you know what they say ‘you can’t choose who you fall in love with, it just happens.’ I have been in love with you for sometime now but I’ve been trying my best to hide it and I must confess it hasn’t been a walk in the park. I’ve tried to summon the courage to tell you but I always chicken out at the last minute. I’ll like to know if you feel the same way? I’ll respect whatever answer you give me.”

A bright smile had lighted up her face before she finished reading. MARY decided that she will tell him her answer in person when they meet later that day.




“Everything works out for me.Generally it does anyway.My parents were inspired when they named me Grace”, Grace said with a sheepish smile on her face.She was talking with her friend Ada who was sitting beside her in her car.

They were on their way to greet a friend and they’ve been talking about the job interview they both attended three days earlier.Ada didn’t reply so Grace continued talking.

“If I don’t get the job, it means I’ll get a better job”.

“You can afford to say that because you have a rich boyfriend who showers you with gifts and money. I need that job”, Ada replied.

“Hmm!I broke up with the so called rich boyfriend yestaday.I was waiting for the right time to tell you”.

“Oh! I’m sorry for been insensitive. What happened?You guys were great…”.
Grace stepped on the break suddenly and swerved to the left while trying to avoid hitting a small boy.A jeep crashed into their car.

When Grace woke up from a coma they told her that Ada died on the spot of the accident.