Happy Birthday Dear!

“Happy birthday dear!”
I opened my eyes and stared directly at the lovely eyes of the only girl I’ve ever loved. She smiled at me and I fell in love with her all over again. I got out of bed and kissed her and although I didn’t want to stop she broke the kiss.
“You’ll be late for work”.
“Today’s my birthday and I’m the boss,” I said and wrapped my arms around her. “Let’s stay indoors all day. I promise that you’ll enjoy every second of it.”
“That’s sounds tempting but didn’t you say that you have to meet a client by 9am?”
“Yeah! That’s right my love. Totally forgot about that. I wonder what charm you used on me because once I see your lovely face I usually don’t think clearly,” I said with a mischievous grin planted on my face.

She blushed, got out of my hands and left my room without replying. I showered, brushed my teeth and got dressed faster than I usually do. The aroma filling the air made me realize how hungry I was and I immediately went to the dining room and sat down on my favorite chair.
I unwrapped the birthday gift she left for me on the table. It was a gold plated customized wrist watch with my name on it. She served my breakfast while I was admiring the wrist watch.

“Thanks for the watch love”

“You’re welcome dear. Eat your breakfast before it gets cold”

I was about to take my first bite of the meal when I heard a loud and shrill sound. It was the sound of my phone alarm.



The Last Born

The birth of a new born baby Is a welcome news; well, at least to the Ademola family. They had two beautiful girls before the birth of this new child but there was a wait of Eleven years. Another reason why the Ademola family was excited about this new addition to their family was because the baby was a boy. The birth of a baby boy is a pretty big deal in Yorubaland.

Modupe, the first daughter of the Ademola’s was a pretty girl of fourteen while her younger sister, Tolani was Eleven years old when the baby boy was born. The two girls were watching Toy Story on Nickelodeon on that morning when they heard the front door opening and Mr Ademola came into the living room and joyfully told them with a big smile on his face that they now have a brother.

Toy Story

The two girls became happy and hugged their father. Patricia, the house maid came out of the kitchen to see what the cause of all the excitement was and after she heard the good news she started dancing. Mr Ademola later instructed her to get drinks for all of them from the fridge.


Mrs Ademola and the baby boy were discharged three days later and almost immediately after she arrived home, friends and families started trooping in to see the baby boy. Tolani was initially fascinated by the new addition to their family and she stared at the baby while it was sleeping peacefully in the baby cot. But she soon became angry and sad when she noticed that her mother and all the visitors barely paid her any attention. They were all focused and discussing about the baby.

Tolani was used to being the centre of attraction when she was the last born of the family. Her mother had always pampered her right from when she was a baby and it took a longer time before Tolani started to feed herself. She also slept in her parent’s room most nights. She soon became sulky and she started to avoid everyone and refused to eat her meals despite all the efforts of Patricia.


Finally the day of the naming ceremony arrived and they christened the boy Moses. Food and drinks were aplenty and the guests ate to their fill. Around 5pm on the day of the naming ceremony while most of the guests had already departed, Patricia was searching for her mobile phone all over the house and when she got to the baby’s room she saw Tolani forcing something in a sachet into Moses’ mouth. Patricia rushed towards them and snatched the sachet from Tolani’s hand and then she read what was written on the sachet. It was rat poison.

Patricia’s loud and piercing scream attracted a lot of people to the room. Moses was rushed to the hospital but he was declared dead on arrival.


New Year Eve

“Oga Best, you go follow me go church around ten this night o”, I said in Pidgin English. I was at a barber shop and my hair was been cut by Oga Best, who was a barber.

“I no go fit follow you go church o!” Oga Best replied. “You no say na season time we dey and I wan make money wela this night o.”

“Na money go kill you one day!” a customer who was waiting for his turn to barb shouted.

“Na something go kill all of us one day,” Oga Best Began, “but I go dey happy if I die on top woman.” Most of the people present at the shop started to laugh and some of them smiled politely. I just shook my head because I was used to such comments by him. I glanced at the wall clock and saw that it was about twenty minutes to ten.

“Abeg barb my hair chap chap. I no wan late for church.”

“Oga Pastor,” Oga Best said, ”na only small remain o”. Although I wasn’t a Pastor, he always referred to me as one because I have preached to him a lot of times.

After he was through with barbing my hair, Oga Best sprayed aftershave on my already shining skull and I winced a bit. He repackaged my Clipper and I left his shop for my home after I’d paid him. I got home and after a change of clothes I left for church.

I arrived church about five minutes past the hour of ten and after a brief prayer, I joined the congregation in singing praises and worshipping God. The Pastor rounded up the praises with a powerful prayer and we all sat down. It was time for testimony and most people came forward to thank God for the grace to see the last day of the year. The most captivating testimony was that of a woman who told us about her daughter who had been battling fibroid for about five years but she was finally able to give birth to twin girls two days earlier.

When the testimonies ended, we were entertained by the church drama group and the Church Choir. The pastor stepped forward and began to lead us in a powerful prayer session. At exactly midnight our pastor ended the prayer session and wished the whole congregation happy new year. I hugged my friends and we all congratulated ourselves for seeing another year.

Happy New Year

The service ended and I left the church towards home. I had walked for about three minutes when I saw a small crowd gathered beside the road. I approached the crowd and noticed that a body was laid down on the sidewalk. A boy told me  that an accident happened there just before midnight and that the crowd was waiting for an ambulance to pick up the corpse of the victim. I was about to continue going home when the street light closest to the accident scene came on and then I froze because I recognized the face of the corpse. It was Oga Best’s.


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The Gambler

“This time I’ll win”, Wisdom thought in his mind. He was at a betting shop and was about to place a bet on the football matches that’ll be played later that day. Wisdom collected his bet slip from the bet agent and he promptly exited the shop in high spirits. While whistling, Wisdom walked slowly on the tarred road oblivious to the things going on around him. He was about to walk past a food canteen but he decided to enter the canteen and buy his first meal of the day. Wisdom sat down at a table without greeting any of the people already sitted. After he’d ordered what he wanted to eat he brought out his mobile phone and he opened his Facebook app.

A lovely teenage girl placed a plate of fufu and egusi soup on the table before Wisdom and then she left to attend to another person. Wisdom washed his hands in the bowl of clean water that had been placed beside his food by a boy of nine and he started eating. He ate slowly like he always did but he was slower than usual because he wanted to spend a lot of time at the canteen. Although his hunger wasn’t fully sated he didn’t order for more food because he didn’t have enough money with him to pay for an extra meal.

The pretty girl came to clear the plates and to collect money from Wisdom. He felt the urge to flirt with her but he stood up from the chair he was sitting on and walked out of the canteen.

“I have to win this time”, he kept thinking in his mind while walking. Wisdom had used the last money with him to pay for the food he bought. He walked aimlessly for sometime until he got to a shop where video games was been played. He greeted his friends and sat down on one of the benches. Wisdom wanted to show his bet slip to a close friend but decided not to do that. He watched the game of soccer been played on one of the screens and wished he had some money to pay for a game also. Wisdom stayed at the game shop till it was dark and then he left and headed towards home. He was still living with his mother at a two-bedroom apartment.

Wisdom knew that his mother wouldn’t be at home; he had purposely stayed out late so that she would have gone out before he got home. His mother was a nurse at a hospital and he knew she was on night duty that day. After he had eaten the food she left for him, Wisdom sat down and watched a show on T.V. He occasionally checked the matches he’d placed bets on to see if he was winning. Wisdom ticked the ones he won till there was only one match left. He started smiling because he was sure Barcelona was going to win the match. Wisdom started planning how he was going to spend the money he was going to win. He slept off about thirty minutes before the last match started.


The first thing Wisdom checked when he woke up around 4am was the result of the match. When he saw that the result of the match was draw his heart sank and he felt like crying. How was he going to pay his friends the money he was owing them. Wisdom hoped his mother wouldn’t notice the money he’d stolen from her purse before he left home the previous morning.


The Beer Parlour

It was around 10pm on a cold Friday night. The street was quite deserted and no human could be seen except at a very popular beer parlour. Although the beer parlour wasn’t as crowded as it usually used to be at this time of the night their was still a modest number of men and women sitting down with bottles of beer on the tables and stools before them.

The men and women were in various states of drunkenness. A pot-belied man was dancing to a song only him could hear because no music was been played. A haggard looking man kept on talking incoherently to no one in particular.

Olaitan, a twenty year old boy sat alone at a corner of the beer parlour and he observed the things going on around him while occasionally taking a swig from the bottle of beer he’d bought. Olaitan was about to finish his bottle of beer when a skinny man with a large head started talking.

“I w-w-will liiiike to speak to you alllll about J-j-jesus Christ”, the skinny man slurred.

“Shut up and finish your beer. You’re clearly drunk”, a fat and light skinned man said.

“How dare you accuse me of been a drunkard”, the skinny man said with an angry look on his face. “I’m the m-m-most sober m-man on earth”.

“Indeed!” a woman whispered to her young lover who was sitting beside her.

“Jesus C-c-c-Christ came to this w-world to die for t-t-the sins of each and every-y-y one of us”, the skinny man slurred again. “If you dieeeee t-t-today w-w-will you go to heaven? Jesus is the only one that can save y-y-y-you. Repent today and……….”.

The skinny man didn’t finish what he was saying because he slumped to the floor and he immediately started sleeping. Olaitan had been listening to every word the man was saying but after the man slept off he stood up and started heading towards home. What the skinny man said weighed heavily on his mind. Olaitan was born into a Christian home and he’d always known drinking of alcohol isn’t supported by the bible. He stopped going to church after he gained admission into the University and after sometime he started smoking and drinking alcohol.

Olaitan took out the packet of cigarette in his pocket and threw it away. He also decided that he was going to change his way of life.


Stop Beating My Son!

Mr Bassey opened the front door of his house and he stepped inside with a big smile on his face. The smile immediately evaporated when he saw what was happening.

“Stop beating my son!” he shouted at his wife with his fists clenched.

“Don’t defend him again,” Mrs Bassey said brandishing a cane popularly called ‘koboko’.

“He’s the only son I’ve got thanks to you and you’re hell-bent on killing him,” Mr Bassey said. He has an exceptionally loud voice and he always shouts while he’s talking.

“Akpan, your son was accused of stealing two thousand Naira by Mama Joy from her shop and when I searched his room I found ten thousand Naira. How did he get such a large amount”

“Lies! Mama Joy is a liar,” Akpan shouted from where he was hiding behind his father. “The money you found in my room belongs to a friend.”

“Sometimes I wonder if you’re really Akpan’s mother,” Mr Bassey said with an angry look. “You always jump into conclusions without hearing his own side of the story whenever he’s accused of stealing”.

Mrs Bassey wanted to say something but she knew that it wouldn’t be enough to convince her husband. She left the living room and went to the kitchen. Mr Bassey consoled Akpan who started crying after his mother left the living room. Akpan immediately wiped the tears from his eyes and dashed out of the house after his father had given him a five hundred Naira note to buy whatever he likes with it.

Mr and Mrs Bassey had been married for about thirty years and the marriage was blessed with seven children. Akpan, who was the only son was the last child. Four of the girls where married while the other two were at the University while Akpan was still in Secondary School. Mr Bassey pampered Akpan right from the day he’d been born; nobody was allowed to punish Akpan for any wrongdoing.

A month later while Mr Bassey was watching a Nigerian Premier League Match between Rangers and Enyimba on his 21-inch Television his phone rang. It wasn’t a number he recognized but he picked the call.


“I’m I speaking with Mr Bassey?”

“Yes! Please who is this?”

“This is Inspector Linus. Your son was caught while he was shop-lifting at a supermarket earlier today and before the police could intervene he’d been mercilessly beaten by an angry mob.”

“What! Where is he now? I hope he is okay? Who dares lay a hand on my son? I’ll sue them all to court. I’ll kill…….”

“Enough with the threats. Have you forgotten that you’re speaking with an officer of the law? Your son is currently at intensive care at the Rufus Memorial Hospital”

“I’ll be there as soon as possible. Thank you”

The policeman hung up the call and Mr Bassey picked up his car keys and rushed out of the house. He almost ran into his wife who was about to enter the house. He told her what had happened and they drove to the hospital.

Akpan died a week later due to internal bleeding. Mr Bassey died of a heart attack a month later.



P.S — I know that this is  longer than my other stories but I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks


We Have To Uphold The Law!

“Please officer! He is just a boy,” Olamide’s mother pleaded with the policeman. She was crying and she held on firmly to her son.

We have to uphold the law!” the policeman shouted impatiently. He came up with a handcuff and clasped it round Olamide’s wrists. A small crowd had gathered at the scene and some women were whispering and gossiping in excited voices. The press were having a nice day and they were taking several snapshots.

The policeman and his three colleagues forcefully pried Olamide from his mother’s grip and bundled him into their van popularly known as ‘Black Maria’. Some women held firmly to Olamide’s mother because she was ready to throw herself at the van. The policemen drove off trailed by the loud wailing of Olamide’s mother. The policemen were talking about the forthcoming presidential election and who was likely to be the winner but Olamide wasn’t listening. His mind was far away; he was thinking about the reason why he’d been arrested and what the future holds for him.

He was an only child and as far back as he could remember his parents had always lived together peacefully. Everything changed when his father lost his job about two years prior to Olamide’s arrest. His father suddenly became irritable and he also became a chronic alcoholic. His father started to beat his mother at the slightest provocation. Olamide’s mother tried her best to hide the bruises from friends and family; she always found one excuse or the other.

Olamide had just finished taking his bath when he heard his mother’s loud and piercing screams. He hurriedly got dressed and rushed out of the bathroom to see what was wrong. He got to his parents room and he saw his father trying his best to strangle his mother with his bare hands. Olamide tried to help his mother but his father was far stronger than him.

A next door neighbour was the one who collected a knife which was dripping red with blood from Olamide’s grasp. Olamide hadn’t realized that he was stabbing his father repeatedly until the neighbor collected the knife from him.