Valentine’s Day Episode Four


I was about to knock for the fourth time when the door opened. Gbemisola was a bit shocked when she saw me although she tried to hide it. Her eyes were bloodshot and it was obvious that she’s been crying. She was dressed simply and although her hair was a bit rough and she had no makeup on she still looked beautiful.

She just turned back and went inside her room without speaking. I went in after her and closed the door gently behind me. Gbemisola sat down on one of the two plastic chairs in her room and she stared down at her fingers. I took the other chair, brought it closer to her and then sat down.

“What’s going on?” I asked while I made an attempt to hold her hand. She stood up from where she was seated and headed towards the window and she opened the curtain slightly and looked outside.

“I thought that we were in love. Why did you send such a message?  I know we’ve kinda drifted apart this past month but that’s not a good enough reason to just decide to break up.”

I continued speaking without getting any reply from her. Gbemisola just kept looking outside through her window with her back turned to me.

“Gbemi! This is unlike you and it’s not fair. Please just talk to me. I can deal with whatever reason you have for wanting to end this relationship. Just say something please.”

I stopped talking for a while in order to give her time to gather her thoughts and I was about to start talking again when she spoke.

“I’m pregnant for someone else,” she whispered in a hoarse voice with her back still turned to me.

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The words I was about to say to her just disappeared. I tried to speak but no words came out of my mouth. We’ve never engaged in sex since we started dating because we decided not to have sex until marriage. I suddenly felt betrayed because she’d definitely broke my trust and cheated on me with someone else.

I paced in her room feeling angry and just trying to figure out what I was going to say. The sound of my ringing tone brought me back from my reverie but I ignored the call and left my phone in my pocket.

“How did this happen? I thought we promised each other not to engage in premarital sex,” I said trying hard not to raise the cadence of my voice.

“I don’t feel like talking right now and I’ll like to be alone. Please,” she said in a barely audible whisper.

I suddenly felt weak inside and I had the urge to go somewhere I could be alone. It was a bit dark outside when I opened the door and left her room.