@NigeriaNewsdesk Presents #ChatWithSeyi An Interactive Twitter session with Seyi Makinde

@NigeriaNewsdesk Presents #ChatWithSeyi An Interactive Twitter session with Seyi Makinde.


The Last Born

The birth of a new born baby Is a welcome news; well, at least to the Ademola family. They had two beautiful girls before the birth of this new child but there was a wait of Eleven years. Another reason why the Ademola family was excited about this new addition to their family was because the baby was a boy. The birth of a baby boy is a pretty big deal in Yorubaland.

Modupe, the first daughter of the Ademola’s was a pretty girl of fourteen while her younger sister, Tolani was Eleven years old when the baby boy was born. The two girls were watching Toy Story on Nickelodeon on that morning when they heard the front door opening and Mr Ademola came into the living room and joyfully told them with a big smile on his face that they now have a brother.

Toy Story

The two girls became happy and hugged their father. Patricia, the house maid came out of the kitchen to see what the cause of all the excitement was and after she heard the good news she started dancing. Mr Ademola later instructed her to get drinks for all of them from the fridge.


Mrs Ademola and the baby boy were discharged three days later and almost immediately after she arrived home, friends and families started trooping in to see the baby boy. Tolani was initially fascinated by the new addition to their family and she stared at the baby while it was sleeping peacefully in the baby cot. But she soon became angry and sad when she noticed that her mother and all the visitors barely paid her any attention. They were all focused and discussing about the baby.

Tolani was used to being the centre of attraction when she was the last born of the family. Her mother had always pampered her right from when she was a baby and it took a longer time before Tolani started to feed herself. She also slept in her parent’s room most nights. She soon became sulky and she started to avoid everyone and refused to eat her meals despite all the efforts of Patricia.


Finally the day of the naming ceremony arrived and they christened the boy Moses. Food and drinks were aplenty and the guests ate to their fill. Around 5pm on the day of the naming ceremony while most of the guests had already departed, Patricia was searching for her mobile phone all over the house and when she got to the baby’s room she saw Tolani forcing something in a sachet into Moses’ mouth. Patricia rushed towards them and snatched the sachet from Tolani’s hand and then she read what was written on the sachet. It was rat poison.

Patricia’s loud and piercing scream attracted a lot of people to the room. Moses was rushed to the hospital but he was declared dead on arrival.


New Year Eve

“Oga Best, you go follow me go church around ten this night o”, I said in Pidgin English. I was at a barber shop and my hair was been cut by Oga Best, who was a barber.

“I no go fit follow you go church o!” Oga Best replied. “You no say na season time we dey and I wan make money wela this night o.”

“Na money go kill you one day!” a customer who was waiting for his turn to barb shouted.

“Na something go kill all of us one day,” Oga Best Began, “but I go dey happy if I die on top woman.” Most of the people present at the shop started to laugh and some of them smiled politely. I just shook my head because I was used to such comments by him. I glanced at the wall clock and saw that it was about twenty minutes to ten.

“Abeg barb my hair chap chap. I no wan late for church.”

“Oga Pastor,” Oga Best said, ”na only small remain o”. Although I wasn’t a Pastor, he always referred to me as one because I have preached to him a lot of times.

After he was through with barbing my hair, Oga Best sprayed aftershave on my already shining skull and I winced a bit. He repackaged my Clipper and I left his shop for my home after I’d paid him. I got home and after a change of clothes I left for church.

I arrived church about five minutes past the hour of ten and after a brief prayer, I joined the congregation in singing praises and worshipping God. The Pastor rounded up the praises with a powerful prayer and we all sat down. It was time for testimony and most people came forward to thank God for the grace to see the last day of the year. The most captivating testimony was that of a woman who told us about her daughter who had been battling fibroid for about five years but she was finally able to give birth to twin girls two days earlier.

When the testimonies ended, we were entertained by the church drama group and the Church Choir. The pastor stepped forward and began to lead us in a powerful prayer session. At exactly midnight our pastor ended the prayer session and wished the whole congregation happy new year. I hugged my friends and we all congratulated ourselves for seeing another year.

Happy New Year

The service ended and I left the church towards home. I had walked for about three minutes when I saw a small crowd gathered beside the road. I approached the crowd and noticed that a body was laid down on the sidewalk. A boy told me  that an accident happened there just before midnight and that the crowd was waiting for an ambulance to pick up the corpse of the victim. I was about to continue going home when the street light closest to the accident scene came on and then I froze because I recognized the face of the corpse. It was Oga Best’s.


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Overcoming Lust And Unhealthy Sexual Desires

Temptation is a common human experience and it comes in various forms. It is the enticement to do something we ought not to do. The persuasion often comes from the evil desire of the sinful nature in humankind which is often in war with the Holy Spirit. Of all the various forms of temptations, I think the biggest giant that overshadows a Christian’s life is lust and unhealthy and unrestrained sexual desires.

Any man or woman who claims that he/she had never had a lustful or unhealthy desire towards another human is a big lier. Desire is one of the God-given aspects of a human’s personality and life itself would be quite dull without it. But when we become slaves to desire that’s when we have a problem.

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with sexualized images in our papers, magazines and most prominently the internet. It is very easy to gain access to pornography on the internet these days. A lot of harm has been caused not just to adult relationships but also to teenagers by the easy access to internet pornography.

Although their isn’t exactly a table that shows which sin is the greatest but an unrestrained sexual desire could lead to greater sins. A very good example is King David. David’s unrestrained sexual desire for Bathsheba made him to commit murder and this also led to a great punishment by God (II Samuel Chapter 11 & 12). Sadly it’s not uncommon to hear or read about Church leaders and other prominent people in the society who have derailed not only their lives but also the lives of those around them because they allowed their unhealthy sexual desires to control them.

Our God is a merciful God and he always provides an escape route from temptation. God sometimes allows Christians to be tested in their spiritual journeys but these tests are not meant to cause them to fall into sin because God always provides a way to overcome it. Even Christ was tempted by the devil.

temptation quote

The most important thing to be careful about when facing any form of temptation is over-confidence. Self-confidence has always been the problem of man, especially amongst seemingly mature believers. No one is immune to sexual temptation or any other form of temptation. You’re not and I am also not. Even the most pious of us may not be able to resist sexual temptations.

Christians can overcome temptations through the power of the Holy Spirit but how can you do this if the Holy Spirit is not dwelling in you. Any Christian who isn’t familiar with the words of God will also find it had to resist falling into temptation. Like they always say “prayer is the masterkey”; a prayerless Christian will also find it hard to overcome temptation. To be tempted is not a sin but temptation becomes a sin when we yield to it. We must all be careful not to see ourselves as being above temptation. Pride goes before a fall.

Mark 2: 1-12 – Jesus Forgives Sins (First Conflict Story)

VatiKos Theologie

The first controversy is occasioned by Jesus’ words of forgiveness to the paralytic, “My son, your sins are forgiven” (Mk 2: 5). The Scribes who hated these words could not believe their ears! To them the words of Jesus sounded like blasphemy because they knew that only God can forgive sins. For Jesus it is quite different. He makes use of this exclusive divine prerogative and forgives the sins of the paralytic. When challenged, Jesus demonstrates his authority to forgive sins by healing the paralytic (Mk 2: 10-12).

It is somewhat surprising that Jesus forgives the sins of the paralytic before he heals him of the physical malady. Is there a connection between sin and sickness? Apparently there is. Disease, disorder, both mental and physical, and death itself were believed to be the consequence of the sinful condition of humanity (Cf. Rom 5: 12-14; Jn 5: 14; 9: 2). Every…

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An Open Letter To My Future Wife

Dear Future Wife,

I hope you’re having a great day so far? I would have loved to talk with you in person — you know that I love hearing your voice — but I guess this letter will surfice.

The rate at which couples are getting divorced these days is quite alarming. Gone are those days when you hear about couples celebrating thirty years anniversary. Although I can’t promise that we won’t disagree on some issues, I can promise that none of our future arguments will end in divorce. I’ll try my best to always make sure we settle our misunderstandings amicably.

A lot of men stop doing all the things they did to get their wives to fall in love with them once they’re married but I’ll be an exception rather than the rule. I really enjoyed the thrill of trying to get your attention and how you gave me a hard time; I enjoyed that challenge. I won’t stop proving to you that I love you. Although I can’t love you forever, I will love you till the day I die.

About the issue of infidelity, you can trust me on that. I have a very good role model; my dad. I’ll be faithful to our marriage vows by not cheating on you with another woman. You will also have to be faithful to me.

I look at some married women and just shake my head. Why? Because they look shabby and unkept. Please don’t stop dressing well and looking pretty. I won’t be jealous if men admire you when we go out together. But keep the flirting at a minimum level. I’ll also endeavour to dress well.

“The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach”. The first person who said this must have been like me. You know I love eating and I’ll be glad if you can cook delicious meals. I especially love spaghetti and amala. I will help out in the kitchen whenever I can.

If there’s anything else I want to talk to you about you’ll receive another letter from me. Bye for now.

Your Love,

P.S. — Please don’t kiss your current boyfriend but if I’m that current boyfriend…………………