Valentine’s Day Episode Two


You can Read Episode One Here

Professor Akanbi Omonla Alasoadura popularly known as Short Man Devil or SMD on campus — woe betide any student who addresses him by his nickname — was a short man in his late sixties. He was potbellied and he had a scar on his right cheek which we were told he got from his days in the Nigerian Army during the Civil war.

The very sight of his unsmiling face usually make even the bravest of students shiver. Today he wore buba and soro complete with a cap of abeti-aja.  He was a disciplinarian who could go as far as getting a student expelled for the slightest offence. But he was a good teacher who takes his time to make sure we understand what he was teaching.

Abeti-aja cap is popular among the Yoruba

Everyone in the lecture theatre sat still and I silently prayed that my phone won’t ring because I’ve not put it in silent. After he’d walked between the aisles, inspecting with his eagle eye whether he was going to see a student to use as a scapegoat he brought out his famed book from which he usually lectures, put on his spectacles and was about to start when Lola, one of the prettiest girls in my department stood up from where she was seated and approached Prof. Alasoadura. 

He looked up from his book and stared at her inquisitively. The lecture theatre became quieter still that you could hear a pin drop.

“Good morning sir! On behalf of all the 400 Level students of the Department of Chemistry, It’ll be an honour if you accept this gift sir.”

I had a good view of the event unfolding from where I was seated and every pair of eyes within the lecture theatre was also eagerly awaiting what was going to happen next. Prof. Alasoadura took the wrapped parcel from Lola’s outstretched hands and he slowly unwrapped it. We all knew what was inside the box ’cause we all contributed the money used in purchasing it.

It was a gold plated and expensive wrist watch. He removed the wrist watch he was wearing and he replaced it with the new one. I quickly used that opportunity to put my things in order and I muted my phone. Prof. Alasoadura looked around the lecture theatre and he then turned back towards Lola.

“Thank you,” then turning to his right, “and thank you all”.

Lola acknowledged his gratitude with a bow and she turned back and started heading towards her seat. A student stood up and started clapping and soon the lecture theatre was filled with the sound of clapping. We all sat down and the lectures began. Although I was a bit worried about Gbemisola, it didn’t deter me from hanging on to every word he said.

The lecture ended around 10 AM and as I was putting my books in my bag, Segun, a very good friend of mine came and sat down beside me.

” Guy how far. You go show for the dinner party for David Fasina this evening ?” he asked

“Yes o! I won’t miss that Valentine’s day dinner o even if SMD say make I no go”, I replied whispering the last part.

“You go come with that your fine babe or you don get another one?” Segun asked with a mischievous grin on his face.

His question jogged my memory and I brought out my phone from my pocket and unlocked it. I was about to speed dial Gbemisola’s number when a message came in. The message was from Her.


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