Standing On A Street Curb

Standing on a street curb one Sunday evening, I saw a pretty girl gracefully walk towards me. I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her. She stopped a few inches from me and we both waited for a taxi.

The girl was effortlessly beautiful. Her eyes were the most captivating aspect of her appearance; she had the most beautiful eyes. She was dressed simply and she had a tall and slender build like that of a model’s.

“Hello,” I said in greeting smiling at her.

“Hi,” she replied smiling back at me. Her teeth which were evenly distributed were white as snow. Her voice was also melodious and I searched my brain to try and come up with some small talk just to hear her sweet voice again. I also prayed in my heart that a taxi won’t come that way on time.

We talked for about five minutes and then I saw a taxi approaching.

“Can I have your number and can we hook-up sometime”. I didn’t quite know why I said that; I totally surprised myself.

“I don’t think that’ll be a good idea”, she replied. She brought out her left hand which had been inside the pocket of her coat while we’ve been talking and casually glanced at her wrist watch. I followed her every move and my eyes remained glued to something on her hand.

The taxi pulled-up very close to the curb after I hailed it. There was only one space left in the taxi so I left it for her– to show that I’m a gentleman. The taxi drove off and we both waved at each other. I didn’t stop staring at the taxi until it took the next turn and wasn’t visible again.

I kept standing on the street curb with a distant look on my face until I finally got a taxi. I couldn’t get the image of the ring I’d seen on her ring finger away from my head. I didn’t even ask for her name.







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