Just A Few Questions

I love the country music genre and I was influenced by my dad while I was younger because he always plays country music. He particularly loved Don Williams and John Denver.

clay Clay Walker

‘Just a few Questions’ is a song by Clay Walker and a part of the second verse endeared me to the track. It goes thus:

“An’ why did my cousin have to die in that crash? A good kid , only seventeen, I still wonder ’bout that. It seems unfair to me, some get the chance to chase their dreams. An’ some don’t. But what do I know.” 

I was having a conversation with my neighbor sometime last month when he told me about a corper who was killed in his hometown. The corper had come home to spend sometime with his family and three guys attacked their house and shot the corper in cold blood. He was just twenty three and was full of life.

There are a lot of couples who have been married for many years who are still without children but a lot of people who don’t deserve to be parents have a lot of kids that they don’t take care of.

A lot of people who could have contributesd to the development of the world die prematurely but the ones with no dreams live for many years. Death is unpredictable and unmerciful; it is not something you can easily prepare for. The only way to prepare for it is to live a Godly life.

Just like Clay Walker, I don’t mean to second guess God or criticise what I don’t understand; these are just a few questions I have.







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