We Have To Uphold The Law!

“Please officer! He is just a boy,” Olamide’s mother pleaded with the policeman. She was crying and she held on firmly to her son.

We have to uphold the law!” the policeman shouted impatiently. He came up with a handcuff and clasped it round Olamide’s wrists. A small crowd had gathered at the scene and some women were whispering and gossiping in excited voices. The press were having a nice day and they were taking several snapshots.

The policeman and his three colleagues forcefully pried Olamide from his mother’s grip and bundled him into their van popularly known as ‘Black Maria’. Some women held firmly to Olamide’s mother because she was ready to throw herself at the van. The policemen drove off trailed by the loud wailing of Olamide’s mother. The policemen were talking about the forthcoming presidential election and who was likely to be the winner but Olamide wasn’t listening. His mind was far away; he was thinking about the reason why he’d been arrested and what the future holds for him.

He was an only child and as far back as he could remember his parents had always lived together peacefully. Everything changed when his father lost his job about two years prior to Olamide’s arrest. His father suddenly became irritable and he also became a chronic alcoholic. His father started to beat his mother at the slightest provocation. Olamide’s mother tried her best to hide the bruises from friends and family; she always found one excuse or the other.

Olamide had just finished taking his bath when he heard his mother’s loud and piercing screams. He hurriedly got dressed and rushed out of the bathroom to see what was wrong. He got to his parents room and he saw his father trying his best to strangle his mother with his bare hands. Olamide tried to help his mother but his father was far stronger than him.

A next door neighbour was the one who collected a knife which was dripping red with blood from Olamide’s grasp. Olamide hadn’t realized that he was stabbing his father repeatedly until the neighbor collected the knife from him.







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