You’re Unusually Quite Today

You’re unusually quite today“, observed Olaboye. “What’s up?”

“Nothing! I just don’t feel like talking”, replied Adesola. Olaboye found this funny and he started laughing.

Adesola was one of those set of humans who love talking. He could talk from morning til night without getting tired. Most of his conversations with his friends were usually monologues. The two friends were in their second year at the University and they were at Adesola’s room playing a game of soccer on Xbox. Olaboye was leading by two goals to nil which was unusual because Adesola rarely looses against his friend.

“I hope you have more days like this were you don’t feel like talking,” Olaboye said with a smile on his face. Adesola didn’t reply and they continued playing the game in silence. Olaboye scored another goal but Adesola didn’t even react or say anything. He usually would have said something witty. Olaboye paused the game and studied his friend for sometime.

“Dude! Are you sure you’re okay? Have you impregnated a girl or something?” he asked jokingly. Adesola didn’t answer, he just stood up and headed to the toilet. Olaboye noticed that Adesola was walking slowly and awkwardly.

Olaboye took Adesola’s mobile phone so as to check if he could see any new songs he could send to his own phone. He was still browsing through Adesola’s music list when a message came into the phone. He opened the message and he started reading.

‘Congratulations on your successful initiation to the Scorpion fraternity yesternight. Don’t forget to attend tonight’s meeting. There’ll be consequences if you fail to do so.’ He read the message again twice and stared into space.




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