Who Is Responsible?

“Agnes! Your mother told me that she’s asked you several times but you didn’t answer her. I’m going to ask you once again. Who is responsible for your pregnancy?”, Revd Jesubori asked is teenage daughter with a calm voice.

Although Revd Jesubori was boiling inside and he felt like screaming at Agnes, he controlled his temper. As the General Overseer of The Holy Trinity Ministeries, a very popular church, he was already thinking about how the news of Agnes’ pregnancy was going to affect his public image.

“Chief Ajasin!”, Agnes replied with a barely audible whisper. Agnes continued to stare at her toes. She was shaking like a leaf in spring time.

Revd Jesubori opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. He sank deeper into the sofa he was sitting on and he remembered a meeting that took place at his office about two years earlier.

The meeting was a Church Executive Meeting (EC) which he chaired. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the issue that Chief Ajasin had impregnated a girl, who was a choir member at the church and the best way to handle the problem.

Two members of the E.C suggested that Chief Ajasin, who was the church Treasurer, should immediately be suspended from carrying out all the church activities he was in charge of for at least six months and after this he will write an apology to the church which he will personally read before the congregation. Chief Ajasin will also be responsible for all financial needs of the girl and her child.

The other members of the church E.C disagreed totally with this suggestion. They pointed out that Chief Ajasin won’t be happy about that decision and that he’ll stop financing the church. As a matter of fact he just donated a large amount of money to be used for the new church project a few days ago. They suggested that the issue be hushed up since few people are privy to it. They also said that Chief Ajasin should give the girl and her family a considerable amount of money in return for their silence.

Revd Jesubori agreed with the second group of the E.C. It was as if they read his mind.



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