Salt Cures Ebola

“Ignorance is the biggest and most contagious disease.”

It was around 4AM and I was reading a book about the Biafran war when a text came into my phone.I opened it and started reading.
“Ensure that you, your family and neighbours bath with hot water and salt before daybreak today because of Ebola Virus.You should also add salt to a warm water and drink it.”

I was smiling before I finished reading the text.About five more similar text messages came in before I decided to get some sleep around 5AM.

The percentage of Nigerians that believed and did what the messages said was surprising.

A lot of religion-inspired superstitions control the way of thinking of an average Nigerian.

Salt cures Ebola? This is contrary to scientific research that has confirmed that there is no known cure for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) except the two experimental drugs in the United States.

I am not saying that prayers can’t cure diseases. The person who started this rumour just made Dangote a richer man.