“Everything works out for me.Generally it does anyway.My parents were inspired when they named me Grace”, Grace said with a sheepish smile on her face.She was talking with her friend Ada who was sitting beside her in her car.

They were on their way to greet a friend and they’ve been talking about the job interview they both attended three days earlier.Ada didn’t reply so Grace continued talking.

“If I don’t get the job, it means I’ll get a better job”.

“You can afford to say that because you have a rich boyfriend who showers you with gifts and money. I need that job”, Ada replied.

“Hmm!I broke up with the so called rich boyfriend yestaday.I was waiting for the right time to tell you”.

“Oh! I’m sorry for been insensitive. What happened?You guys were great…”.
Grace stepped on the break suddenly and swerved to the left while trying to avoid hitting a small boy.A jeep crashed into their car.

When Grace woke up from a coma they told her that Ada died on the spot of the accident.