Lanre joined the queue at the ATM machine. There are nine people in front of him; three girls and six boys. He couldn’t stop himself from staring at one of the girls. She is a beauty and he would have started a conversation with her if he wasn’t in a hurry.

Lanre had misplaced quite a large sum of money at the motor park and he had to come to the bank to get some money. He is now about to withdraw the remaining 3000 naira in his account.

He came home to get some books and he was already late for his journey back to school and he prayed that the ATM machine would not malfunction. It got to the girl’s turn and after using the machine she left with her friends. Lanre kept on staring at them till he couldn’t make out their shapes again.

When it got to his turn he withdrew the money in his account and quickly headed to the motor park. He was lucky to get a bus early and he arrived at school earlier than he expected.

About two weeks after that, Lanre was on his way to a lecture hall and he decided to make a detour to the cafetaria. He was about to purchase a meal at the counter when he heard a sing-song voice of someone making a call behind him.

Lanre looked back to see who it was and his heart beat increased significantly. It was the girl he saw at the ATM machine. All he could do was smile.


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