It Is Quiet A Dark Night

It is quite a dark night but the street is lighted by some light bulbs.Most of the buildings in the neighborhood are long overdue for total renovations.

A ragged looking man could be seen lying on the floor in front of one of the houses.He was sound asleep and snoring deeply.

A light came on inside the house and a skinny and shabbily dressed woman opened the front door of the house and looked outside.She was a bit startled when she saw the man but she regained her composure when she saw that it was her husband whom she’d been waiting for.

She walked towards him and tried to wake him but he slept on soundly.She kicked him hard on his side but he snored more loudly.She went inside to take some water and doused his face with it but he didnt wake up.

“Alcohol is going to kill you someday”, she muttered angrily.

The woman tried to drag him inside but he was too heavy.She left him there and went inside after she’d covered him with a blanket.

A neighbor found his cold dead body very early in the morning.