Ogunjobi’s reputation preceded him. Mothers used his name to scare their stubborn children. Fathers were nervous in his presence. The young boys in Ayedun village wanted to be as strong and feared like he was.

Ogunjobi was a stout man in his late thirties. He was short and almost a dwarf but taller men feared him. A scar ran down his left cheek. He had gotten the scar from a machete cut during a fight. The other man wasn’t so lucky because Ogunjobi had turned him into an amputee.

Ogunjobi was a very strong man who loves fighting a lot. Whenever there was a fight in any part of Ayedun village, his name was always the first to be mentioned. He had a short temper and he loves seeing blood. He also terrorized the whole village.

It didn’t come as a surprise when the news spread around Ayedun village that Ogunjobi got killed after he was stabbed during a clash with a thug from the neighboring village of Iludun. In fact, the whole village breathed a sigh of relief.