The Note

Grace woke up feeling a bit tired. She’d earlier woken up around 4am to prepare breakfast for her husband who was scheduled to travel for a business seminar around 6am. She went back to sleep almost immediately after her husband had left the house.

She looked at the wall clock in their bedroom and saw that it was a few minutes past the hour of nine. She immediately got out of bed and went to the bathroom. She knew she had less than thirty minutes to get ready for church if she doesn’t want to be late.

After Grace had eaten a sandwich, she went towards the place where she usually kept her car keys. She noticed an envelope placed under the car keys. She knew her husband must have left it there. He had always left such random notes where she could easily she them since when they had started dating.

Grace tore the envelope open and brought out the single piece of paper inside it. She was eager to read its content.

“Everything had to happen the way it did for me to have found you. If I had made different choices in life, I wouldn’t have found you. I don’t even want to think about how awful that would have been. I regret nothing and there will never be a reason for me to regret in the future.

“I used to wish that I hadn’t rebelled against my parents wishes for me to go to college while I was younger to study medicine. I might have turned out to be a great medical doctor but I wouldn’t have been working at that grocery store where we met on that blessed day thirty years ago today.

“I love you and I will always love you till death do us part.”

Grace didn’t realise she was crying until a drop of tears fell on the piece of paper.



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