Good Riddance

“Good riddance to bad rubbish!”, the old woman said with a big smile on her face.

The old lady was reacting to a news report she’d just heard from the radio. Although she’d lost the use of her other senses, her ear was still working well. She was sitting down on a sofa that needed a replacement. The room were she was sitting was also sparsely decorated.

The news was about the impeachment of the Governor of the State. She wasn’t happy when she heard when he won the election and became the Governor about two years earlier and she’d predicted that he’ll turn out to be the worst Governor in the history of the State.

The Old Woman was proven right. The Impeached Governor awarded a lot of dubious contracts and he embezzled a lot of public funds during his short tenure. The rate of corruption in the state also trippled.

The old woman and the impeached Governor were once co-tenants. He wasn’t responsible then and he always came back home late at night. You could also here screaming coming from his apartment daily whenever he was beating his wife. He also left the task of taking Care of their children to his wife alone. He was also a political thug then and he helped in rigging of elections.

The concluding part of the news which revealed that he won the election that made him Governor due to massive rigging didn’t come as a surprise to the old woman.