Mother Of The Year

I have been a member of Pilgrim Baptist Church for almost a year now. Something occurred during my first day at the church that I’ll never forget. It happened during the time of tithes and offerings.

The whole congregation has to dance to the front of the auditorium and drop their offerings in boxes placed there. I was walking between one of the aisles (I rarely dance), when I looked towards another aisle and I saw an old woman also going to the front of the church to drop her offering also.

I’ve seen a lot of old women in my twenty-something years on earth but I couldn’t stop staring at her. Her back was completely bent and she was using an umbrella to support herself. I’m not that good at guessing people’s age but I think she ought to be over a century old. She dropped her offering and went back to the pew were she was sitting down and I must confess I didn’t stop staring at her.

In the following Sundays, I noticed that she always gets to church early. I made a promise to myself that I will always get to church before her ( I hate loosing and it would be embarrassing to be beaten by an old woman).

Sunday, eleventh of May 2014 was the day that Mother’s day was celebrated at Pilgrim Baptist Church. After a series of events, it was time to announce the mother of the year. The women leader of the church went to the pulpit and after a brief speech she said:

“Our Mother of the year 2014 is someone who doesn’t need much introduction. Her name is Mama Josephine Okocha.”

All the women in the church auditorium and 90% of the men in the church stood up and started clapping. I was curious to see who deserved such a standing ovation and I also stood up to get a better view.

When I saw that it was the old woman, I also started clapping and I was one of the last set of people to stop clapping. She really deserved such an honour and a lot of people showered her with gifts and money.

A lot of our youths who are still very young ain’t vibrant at all. Most of them come to church late and leave early. They are also usually busy IMing and updating their social networks status’ while the service is going on.

Only God knows what the future is gonna be like for these generation of youths.