Once Upon A Friday Night

It was a Friday and it was around 7pm. Victory was excited. He was feeling as if he was flying over the moon. He was a worker at a very prestigious company. Although he wasn’t one of the elites, he earned a fairly reasonable amount monthly.

It was the last day of the month and he’d just received message alert of his salary. Now, he could finally purchase the ring he saw at a jewellery store some weeks ago. He was planning to propose to his girlfriend on her birthday, which was in two days time.

Victory took his car keys and he headed to the bank. When he arrived at the bank, he headed towards the ATM machine and he joined the queue. When it got to his turn, he took his time because there was nobody behind him. He withdrew 80% of the money in his account.

Victory headed towards where he parked his car with a spring in his step. When he was about to open the door of his car, he heard footsteps approaching him. Victory looked up and he saw a teenager pointing a pistol at him.
“Hand over the money you just collected if you value your life”, the teenager said.

Victory stared at the teenager and he immediately dipped his hand into his pocket and he gave the money to the teenager. The teenager immediately took to his heels.

Victory stood on that same spot for sometime with conflicting thoughts going through his mind. A part of him felt he could have easily overpowered the teenager and collected the gun. Another part felt he might have been shot by the teenager.

Victory was about to get into his car and drive home when he realised he’d wet himself.



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