How Not To Cross A Road

School had just ended that day. The students were eager to get back home for various reasons. Some were quite hungry and were thinking about what delicious meal would be awaiting them at home. Others were just glad school was over and were looking forward to playing game consoles with their friends.

A boy who was not so smartly dressed as he was earlier that day belonged to the latter group. He wore a white shirt that was now dirty and a blue Short.

The boy was walking with his best friend and they were talking about the FIFA 14 game they were gonna play when they meet up later in the day. The boy parted with his friend and he then continued walking to his home which was a few blocks away.

When the boy got to a street where he needed to Cross to the other side of the road, he looked to his right but in his eagerness to get home early so as to finish his chores early and so that he’ll have more time to play games, he forgot to look at his left.

The boy didn’t quite hear the horn of the jeep on time. The driver of the jeep stepped on the break but it was too late.