Good News?

Ngozi had a gloomy look on her face. She held a piece of paper in her hand. Although she was an illiterate and couldn’t read, she knew exactly what the paper contained. The doctor had explained it to her. She should be happy about the news but she felt the exact opposite.

Ngozi was married to Emeka, who was a driver at a cement factory. His meagre salary wasn’t quite enough for the family. They had Eight children and they were all living in a single room. All the children where all asleep now.

Emeka came into the house around 11pm and after an exchange of greeting with his wife, Ngozi, he went to the bathroom, which was shared with the other tenants to take his birth.

When he came back to the room, he sat down to do justice to the large plate of eba and egusi soup that his wife placed before him.

Ngozi waited patiently until he was halfway through before speaking. She’d decided that she wasn’t going to beat about the bush.

“I am pregnant”, She blurted.

Emeka didn’t reply, he just stared at her. He didn’t even realise that the big morsel of eba he was about to put in his mouth had fallen from his grasp.



4 thoughts on “Good News?

      1. Gosh tell me about it! I understand the cultural thoughts of having someone to look after you when you are old or that every parent thinks their child will be president, or that if they lose a few there’s still a few left – but none of these thoughts prioritize the children. And quite frankly if it were in the interest of all the thousands of charities constantly asking for money for them they might start to address this…but it isn’t.

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