Moyes Sacked! Good Riddance

I woke up around 5am this morning feeling quite bored. I didn’t quite know the reason why.

After I brushed my teeth, I decided to browse a bit while simultaneously preparing breakfast (Yeah. I love cooking and eating and I do both anytime of the day). I decided to cook my favorite. Spaghetti.

After a little time on twitter and facebook and replying some mails, I opened a new tab and then visited to read some sport news. The first headline I saw was “Manchester United fire Moyes”.

A part of me felt excited. But I’m not always certain about news on I checked and when I saw a similar headline, I was now excited and I immediately called a friend who was also a die-hard Manchester United fan.

This has been the worst season for manchester United in the premier league era. I guess the 2-0 loss to Everton on Sunday was the final nail on the coffin.

I haven’t missed watching even a single match played by my precious team this season and sometimes I just feel like slapping David Moyes right through the TV. The news of his sacking is a welcome one and he won’t be missed.



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