But that’s Impossible!

“But that’s impossible”, she shouted. She disconnected the call and immediately went to where she normally keep her car keys.

While she was driving at a very high speed towards the hospital, she tried to wrap her mind around what the nurse told her on the phone.

The nurse had told her that her husband had been involved in a car accident around Lekki area and that he was currently in a critical condition at the hospital.

The reason why she told the nurse that it was impossible was because her husband had called her about one hour before she received the call that he was still in Abuja and that he won’t be back until Friday. She checked her phone to see if it was still wednesday.

She arrived at the hospital and after confirming her identity she was ushered to the ward where her husband was. The doctor told her that it will take sometime before her husband regained consciousness.

She sat by his bedside grateful to God that he was still alive. When he regained his consciousness, the first words he uttered where

“I love you. I wanted to surprise you. Happy anniversary”.

That was when she remembered that it was the day of their thirtieth wedding anniversary.



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