Bad Saturday

Yesterday, Friday18th April 2014 was GOOD FRIDAY. It was a day that was sacred to all christians and you could see a lot of them going to church.

Christians believe that christ died for our sins on friday and he then rose up on the third day after his death. In fact, the christian faith and testimony rests largely on the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have heard of some religious leaders who died and came back to life but they died again.

When I was a kid, I always wondered why a day that Someone as important as Christ died is known as GOOD FRIDAY. As the years went by and I began to understand the bible more, I finally understood why it was known as GOOD FRIDAY.

Christ’s death was not ordinary. He suffered and died on the cross of calvary in order to save us all. What day could be as good as that?

Today is Saturday and Christ is in the grave. I wonder how his disciples and the Christians who were alive when Christ was on earth felt on the Saturday after his death.

I think today should be known as bad saturday because Christ is dead and in the grave.



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