I Have A Dream

Just like the great Martin Luther King, Jr………….

I have a dream that someday, our country Nigeria will be free of corruption. The current level of corruption is just too alarming. I think its even already embedded in the DNA of most of the citizens of Nigeria.

The annoying thing is that our leaders (both the religious and political leaders), who are supposed to be our mentors are sometimes the most corrupt. You see a Pastor of a church embezzling the church’s funds and also devising different means of exploiting his members for money.

Our political leaders also award contracts that’ll be mostly to their own benefit in the long run. They receive bribes from different companies before awarding the contracts to the highest bidder. That’s one of the reasons why most of these contracts aren’t executed well.

The Law enforcement agencies are also quite corrupt. Especially the Nigerian Police Force. They setup checkpoints at strategic places but instead of doing there jobs they go about receiving bribes from commercial drivers. They could even go as far as shooting you if you refuse to bribe them.

A tree cannot make a forest. It will take the collective effort of all the citizens of Nigeria to make the country better. We should teach our kids to be honest and also lay down good examples by practising what we’re preaching.

Nigerians should also vote for the most eligible candidates and not the ones that have bribed them. Although the issue of rigging is also a thorn in the flesh.

I have a dream that Nigeria will be a country to be proud of someday.


PS; Ive been a bit busy that’s why I haven’t been posting more frequently.