The Old Soldier

It was around 10pm. The moon was brightly shining. Chief Emeka was sitting down at the veranda in front of his house. A kerosene lamp lighted the place. A radio which was on a stool in front of him was tuned to a station that was playing a song he particularly loved. He was shaking his head in rhythm with the song.

Chief Emeka was a retired soldier. He was in his late seventies. He occasionally checked his wrist watch. He was waiting for the arrival of his grandson. His grandson had snuck out of the house, after he thought that Chief Emeka had slept.

His grandson had come to live with him about six months ago after his wife died. Chief Emeka was trying his best not to sleep off on the chair he was sitting down on.

He checked the time again and he saw that it was almost 11pm. He was thinking about the necessary punishment he could give his grandson for staying out this late.

Suddenly he heard a loud gunshot. He reduced the volume of his radio and he heard the gunshot again. It was louder this time. He ran inside his house to pick up his shotgun. He made sure it was loaded and then went outside again. He was sure it was a thief that was been shot at.

He decided to trace the direction the shot came from. He had just rounded a corner when he saw someone at a distance running towards his direction. There was a crowd behind the person and they where shouting:
“thief, stop, thief”.

He took aim with his shotgun and he fired. He was a good marksman. He was well-known in his area of residence as “old soldier”. He had helped to stop a lot of robbery attempts.

When he got close to where the crowd was already surrounding the body, they recognised him and hailed him.
“that was a good shot, old soldier”.

He saw the face of the thief and he fainted. It was the face of his grandson.