My Favorite Food

And my favorite food is……………….. drum roll……………Spaghetti and Chicken.

A friend once told me that a hungry man is an angry man. Its quite true in most cases.

Man shall not live by bread alone but I love eating a lot and I’m a big fan of home-cooked meals. I only eat junk foods if I don’t have a choice.

Although I love eating, I’m quite choosy and I don’t like experimenting. That’s why I don’t eat most of this foreign cuisines. Spaghetti is one of the few exceptions.

The first time I ate spaghetti was when I was at boarding house during my High school Days. My mum came visiting on one of the visiting days and she brought Spaghetti and Chicken.

I didn’t feel like eating it because I hadn’t eating it before. The aroma of the food was enticing though and I was quite hungry. The chicken breast on it was also tempting. I took my first bite and I must confess that I really enjoyed it. I ate a lot more than I usually do.

Its been over a decade since the first time I ate spaghetti and each time I eat it again I practically fall in love with it anew.

I can even say that I am now an expert in cooking spaghetti. I particularly Love using chicken broth to cook it. I have a desire to visit Italy someday and order for spaghetti at a restaurant there.