The Search For The Rare Bird

Earth is a vast place. It has seven continents and there are quite a lot of birds in each of this continents.

Africa, which is the third largest continent on Earth certainly has lots of birds. Some are in the Northern part and some are in the South. The others are in the Eastern and Western parts of Africa.

I’m currently living in the Western part of Africa, Nigeria to be precise. Nigeria is also majorly divided into East, West, North and South and there are countless birds in Nigeria.

I was given birth to at the Northern part of Nigeria and I lived there for the first fourteen years of my life before relocating to the Western part of Nigeria. Now, I’m currently at the Southern part of the country.

In my twenty-something years on Earth, I’ve seen quite a lot of birds. They are everywhere, but I’m particularly searching for a rare bird.

There are some birds that I’v caught and thought where the rare bird I’v been searching for but it later turns out that I was mistaken.

There is a rare bird I’v got my eye on right now but its been quite difficult to catch. I’m working on a new plan to catch the rare bird right now. I hope the plan works because I’m certain its the right one.

Wish me luck.