Why did I turn back?

Any time I remember this incident, a big smile always crosses my lips.

I don’t quite remember the year, month or the day it happened but it was in the late 90s.

There were lots of trees in our compound then and no day goes by without me climbing almost all the trees. There were three Mango trees, two Cashew trees, a Guava tree, about four Almond trees and many other trees that weren’t fruit trees.

The main reason why I usually climb these trees is to pluck the fruits. Most of my clothes got damaged by Cashew juices. It took quite a long time before my mum discovered what was causing the stains on my clothes.

On that fateful day, I went to one of the Cashew trees with my brother. He was the one who climbed the tree while I waited under the tree to pick up the Cashew nuts he throws down.

When he got to a branch that had a lot of Cashew nuts but was too thin to hold his weight, he told me to get a stick for him and I did.

He used the stick to pluck the Cashew nuts while I continued my own job of picking it up.

Suddenly, he shouted at me to leave the spot I was because he had dropped the stick he was using to pluck and it was heading towards me

I quickly moved away from that spot but I suddenly turned back and ran towards the direction where I was coming from before. The stick hit me on my head and I was soon covered with blood.

My brother ran home to inform my parents and I was rushed to the hospital where the injury was stitched up.

Sometimes, I just can’t stop wondering why I turned back and didn’t keep on running from that spot.