Once Upon A Monday

I woke up with a start. I looked at the time and saw that there was only fifteen minutes left to get ready to leave for work. I slept quite late because I was busy IMing with a special someone.

I quickly went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take my birth. I got dressed and there was only three minutes left. I was hungry but there was no way I could cook anything within three minutes. Breakfast, is a meal I don’t like skipping. I took my laptop bag and then left for work.

I boarded a bike so that I’ll arrive faster. I got to work ten minutes late. Surprisingly, I discovered that I was the fourth person to clock in my name.

I went to my desk to drop my bag and then went out to get something to eat. I’m not a fan of eating out. I only eat junk food when I don’t have a choice. I bought two Galas and a La Casera.

When I got back to my desk, I decided to continue working on a plan on AutoCAD. I opened my laptop bag so that I could bring out my Laptop. That was when I discovered I’d forgotten my laptop at home. The few books inside the bag were the things that made the bag feel a bit heavy.

I stared at the bag with a big smile on my face. I knew I was in for a boring day at work.