The Beautiful Ones Are still not Yet Born

The sun was brightly shining in the sky. The weather was pretty hot but the crowd didn’t seem to mind. The town hall was already filled up but a lot of people were still trying to get inside. A political campaign was supposed to take place there.

A bald-headed man who was sitting at one of the front row seats checked his wrist watch. The campaign was already an hour behind the scheduled time.

The political aspirant finally arrived and he waved at the crowd outside after he alighted from his car. A section of the crowd cheered him while a larger number booed him. A teenager threw a big stone which narrowly missed the aspirant but hit one of his bodyguards instead. The security men tried to catch the teenager but he ran away and was soon lost in the crowd.

The campaign finally started after an opening prayer by the parish priest of the largest church in the community. The MC came forward after the prayer and cracked some jokes that were well received by the crowd.

After a series of programs, the aspirant climbed the podium to deliver his speech.

The bald-headed man listened attentively because this was why he attended the campaign. The aspirant promised to represent the community well at the senate. He promised to restore the electricity supply and to solve the water scarcity by building boreholes.

The crowd booed him and it took sometime before the security men could restore order. After more promises the aspirant said:

“to show how committed I am, a sum of 1000 naira will be given to each and everyone of you present here today”.

The bald-headed man looked back to see how the crowd will react. There was total silence for about five seconds and then the crowd started clapping and cheering.

The bald-headed man stood up and walked out of the hall.



2 thoughts on “The Beautiful Ones Are still not Yet Born

  1. These days…. I think the beautiful ones now think its better to be ugly! Our people still appreciate a token in exchange for their votes and 4year suffering! Nice write up

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