Left Behind

It was the last day of the third term of school. The principal had just finished addressing the students at the school hall. The students were smartly dressed in blue shorts and white shorts.

After a prayer led by one of the Chemistry Teachers, the students went back to there various classrooms.

When the students of S.S.2B arrived at there classroom, they saw a drawing on there board. It was a drawing of a school bus with people inside. Some people were however running behind the bus trying to catch up with it.

Most of the students stared at the drawing with puzzled looks on there faces. They were trying to find out who drew it and what it meant.

Sola Oladele, who was well known all over the school for his mischievous acts took credit for the drawing. He explained that the bus is transporting the students that got promoted to S.S.3. He said that the ones running after the bus are the ones that were left behind.

Almost everybody found it funny and the news spread all over the school. The other classes also drew similar drawings on there boards.

An hour later, miss Adeyemi, the class teacher of S.S.2B walked into her class to give everyone there results. After a little speech, she distributed the results and then left.

Some students were ecstatic while the look on the faces of others said it all.

Sola stared at his result. He was looking at a single word written in block letters with red ink at the bottom of the sheet.



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