I just had to pick up my pen and write about this. In recent years there has been two common mistakes made by Nigerians about phones and other gadgets.

1. Every Tablet is an iPad – the Apple iPad is arguably the best tablet right now, but I don’t know why most Nigerians refer to all tablets as iPads. While chatting with a friend about a month ago, he told me that he just got an iPad and that he needed help with setting it up. When he arrived at my place and handed the tablet to me, I noticed that it was a Samsung Galaxy Tab. I smiled and explained to him that it wasn’t an iPad but a samsung tablet. Nigerians should please take note that its only Apple that make iPads and that not all tablets are iPads. iPad is a type of tablet.

2. PC GAMES CAN BE INSTALLED ON PHONES – sometime ago, while I was playing HITMAN ABSOLUTION on my Laptop, a neighbor saw it and then told me to install the game on his phone. I patiently explained why it is impossible and I felt he didn’t believe me and he thought I didn’t want to give him the game. Many Nigerians feel that an Android Os app could be installed on an iOs device, symbian or blackberry. You need a third party app such as an emulator to do this and it doesn’t always work.

Anytime you come across someone who does one or both of the above mistakes please try and correct them. Avoid making them too.

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